Image: Mixer

Microsoft Is Killing Mixer and Moving Everything to Facebook Gaming

Despite signing a number of major streamers including Ninja and Shroud, Microsoft’s livestream platform Mixer just couldn’t break through. So starting today, Microsoft is moving all of Mixer’s content over to Facebook Gaming before Mixer gets shut down completely on July 22.

You Will Never Beat This Sharpshooting Robot at Table Hockey

Over the years we’ve seen quite a few successful attempts to create robotic air hockey opponents, but Andrew Khorkin has dedicated himself to a much harder task. He’s managed to build a robot that can not only play table hockey — a more onerous task than playing air hockey —…

Free Doom for Chromebooks Is a Better Google Gaming Deal Than Stadia

As discovered by Android Police, if you decided to save a bit of money on your last laptop upgrade by opting for a Chromebook, you can now save a few more bucks on a couple of decades old iconic first-person-shooters as both Doom and Doom II are currently available as…