Tesla Could Learn Something From This LEGO Car-Building Factory

Video: Tesla’s hit a few speed bumps in getting all the pre-ordered Model 3’s out the door and onto customers’ driveways. But perhaps the company can learn something from Daniele Benedettelli, who created a fully autonomous LEGO car factory using the iconic building toy.

This Butter Factory Sure Looks Like Heaven

Video: The Jean-Yves Bordier Butter factory in France looks like a wonderful place to get lost in. Mind of a Chef toured the factory with chef Ludo Lefebvre, and just judging from Lefebvre’s pure joy in seeing all that butter get made, it seems like it’s Heaven on Earth. Hell,…

Why Did This Russian River Suddenly Turn Blood Red?

A river near an industrial town in Russia has turned suddenly blood-red. But it’s not an omen of something mystical wrong in the cosmos. Rather, the source of the problem is probably a leaky factory upstream.