doom patrol

Clockwise from left: Tuca and Bertie, The Good Place, Rick and Morty, and Doom Patrol. (Image: Netflix,Image: NBC,Image: Adult Swim,Image: DC Universe)

6 Delightfully Absurd TV Shows to Help You Ignore Reality

Absurdism, as a philosophy and artistic movement, is about humanity’s inability to find meaning in our strange, chaotic universe. Instead, we seek to embrace the bizarre, finding comfort in the things that exist outside of our reality. Given the state of the world right now, is it any wonder we…

The opening credits of Beekeeper & Borg, a fictionalized version of The Avengers.

Doom Patrol’s Stylish Sendup of The Avengers Hits All the Right Notes

Though Doom Patrol’s second season has already placed its heroes smack dab in the middle of yet another apocalypse-in-progress, the series has been careful to give each of its characters moments of some much-needed levity. It reminds us all that they’re still a bunch of oddballs with the sort of perfectly…