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Cliff working on a car while Dorothy watches. (Image: DC Universe)

Doom Patrol’s Second Season Is Working Through Some Personal Shit

If Doom Patrol were a comic book — not that comic book, but rather a comic based on the live-action series — one might safely assume that the consequences of season one’s gloriously demented finale would be dealt with off-panel, in the narrative void. Even though the show has prided…

Ivy and Kite-Man realising something's amiss at their wedding. (Image: DC Universe)

Harley Quinn’s Season 2 Finale Went Full Thelma & Louise

Harley Quinn’s first and second seasons never missed an opportunity to introduce new villains who, in addition to murdering people, all wielded their filthy, camp-ridden senses of humour like dangerous weapons. But beneath the gimmicks, costumes, and less-than-well-thought-out plans for global (and other scales of) domination, all of Harley Quinn’s…

Harley and the Joker being detained because what else is one supposed to do with them? (Image: DC Universe)

Harley Quinn Just Gave Us the Most Fascinating Joker Ever

Over Harley Quinn’s past few episodes, Ms. Quinzel’s gotten a whole mess of things incredibly right (like figuring out she’s in love with Poison Ivy) as well as getting even more things wrong (like unleashing a wave of parademons onto Gotham, plunging the already destroyed city into even more chaos)….