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Kite Man, failing to read the room. (Image: DC Universe)

In Defence of Kite Man, Harley Quinn’s High-Flying Himbo

In basically all of his incarnations in DC’s comic books, Charles “Chuck” Brown (commonly known as Kite Man) has been a C-tier villain soaring through Gotham City’s skies before being brought down by Batman, particularly strong unexpected gusts of wind, or in the case of Tom King’s Batman run, a…

Who's ready to flex? (Image: DC Universe)

What Is Doom Patrol’s Flex Mentallo Staring At?

Remember that time on Doom Patrol when Flex Mentallo, the Hero of the Beach, ended up accidentally giving the entire Doom Patrol, a roving band of cabaret performers, and a sentient street spontaneous orgasms by flexing his muscles? Of course you do, because who forgets something wild like that?