27 Stylish Airliner Liveries From The Past

There was a time when passenger aeroplanes wore more sophisticated dress then nowadays, when airlines try to stand out from the crowd by applying huge images, harsh tones, and giant letters to their fleets, often covering all the fuselage of the aircraft.

Photo Essay: 13 Classic Handheld Game Portraits

Handheld electronic games were the big hit at the beginning of the 1980s, when every kid wanted a small portable plastic device for playing video games wherever and whenever he or she wanted. Hundreds of games, created by dozens of manufacturers, swarmed the toy stores, showcasing unique colours, shapes, artworks,…

17 Spectacular Photos Of This Year’s Perseid Meteor Shower

The best meteor shower of the year is upon us right now. If you go outside to a dark enough place, far from the city lights, you may spot tons of shooting stars during the annual Perseid meteor shower. We’ve scoured the web for the photos, and we took a…