behavioral science

Intriguing New Drug Therapies May Boost Social Skills In People With Autism

New research seems to show encouraging progress in helping treat the complex neurodevelopmental disorder autism. Two unrelated clinical trials, involving men and children with autism, suggest that using drugs to interact with a hormone called vasopressin could improve the social functioning of people living with the disorder, though one approach…

Goats Do Not Like Your Grumpy Face

It turns out goats really do know that you’re trouble when you walk in. These domestic animals can distinguish human facial expressions, and prefer a pleasant smile to a disgruntled frown, according to new research.

Goats Are More Like Dogs Than We Thought

Researchers at Queen Mary University in London peered into the beady square pupil eyes of a goat and asked the single worst question one can ask about a goat: “Could this thing be more like a dog?”