Science Explains Why Babies Are So Darn Cute

Science Explains Why Babies Are So Darn Cute

What makes adult sized humans go gaga and coo coo and ooh ooh when they see a little baby? Their adorable cuteness! But are babies really that cute to make people forget how to speak? They are! And it’s scientifically proven.

The Crazy Physics Behind Figure Skating

We already know that figure skaters’ bodies undergo quite a bit of stress during their routines — and we have the pics to prove it. Even so, it’s hard to fathom just how insane these physical forces actually are.

What Happens To Poo After You Flush?

Though we may think we pump out roses when it’s go time on the ivory throne, nobody in their right mind would actually want to keep those roses around. So flush them away and down the magical toilet they go! But where do they go? To the vague destination of…