This Ingenious Car From 1923 Turned Into A Boat

It seems like every futurist and her sister wanted to turn cars into boats back in the 20th century. Remember the Water-Mobile of 1947? Or how about the poor man’s yacht of 1958? Well, this Jazz Age invention had them all beat.

People Used To Blame Earthquakes And Droughts On New Radio Technology

New technology is scary. Just ask the people who think that their illnesses are caused by Wi-Fi. But blaming unfortunate things on newfangled technology has been happening for decades, if not centuries. Like when farmers of the 1920s used to blame too much rain, earthquakes and droughts on the new…

The High Tech Hotel Of 1921 Had An Alarm Clock In Every Room

Today, hotels offer high-tech amenities that just a generation ago would be astounding — RFID key cards, customisable ambiance at the push of a button, and coming soon, humanoid robot concierges. So what started the high-tech hotel craze? It can all be traced back to the 1920s, when Americans started…