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Wellness Influencers Denounce the Spread of QAnon

QAnon, the internet brainvirus that’s set untold masses searching for Satanic pedovores and howling “do your reeeeseaaaaarch” in every known comment section has afflicted the wellness community.

Not something you like to see. (Graphic: National Hurricane Centre)

Looks Bad

I do not like this map one bit. The Atlantic hurricane season from hell is kicking into overdrive with five tropical cyclones dotting the map, two more that could form in the next week, and one particularly worrisome storm heading for the Gulf Coast.

How Tech Billionaires’ Visions of Human Nature Shape Our World

In the 20th century, politicians’ views of human nature shaped societies. But now, creators of new technologies increasingly drive societal change. Their view of human nature may shape the 21st century. We must know what technologists see in humanity’s heart. The economist Thomas Sowell proposed two visions of human nature….


Tunnels For Trafficking, or Just a Subterranean Service? Time to Rescue These Spaces From the Conspiracists

Digital communications have spread conspiracy theories more widely than ever before, particularly in this uncertain and tumultuous year. QAnon, for example, is a movement that seeks to identify a “deep state” or “global elite” complicit in human trafficking, “Pizzagate” and the orchestration of a global pandemic. One conspiracy theory “going…

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Xbox All Access Is Deeply Confusing, but I Think I Figured It Out

Xbox All Access is a relativity new program from Microsoft that lets you make monthly payments on a new console over the course of two years. It started in 2018, after the release of the Xbox One, and it’s coming back again for the next generation of consoles. If you’ve…

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Three Electrostatic Motors Almost Make This Pricey Watch Worth It

The 1960s were an interstitial time when it came to technology. Not quite computerised, the world hovered between the mechanical and the digital, computers clacking out commands onto old teletypes while Nixie tubes – essentially glowing wires in a vacuum – ran the countdowns for rickety spacecraft that had more…

He will do what he must — as long as it's in one season. (Image: Lucasfilm)

Ewan McGregor Says the Obi-Wan Show Is a Limited Series

Another iconic hero returns for Screen 5. The writers behind The Conjuring have written an Omen prequel. Batwoman casts a mysterious new figure, while Creepshow adds to its roster. The cast and crew of Supernatural prepare to say goodbye. Plus, Amazon teases Billy Butcher’s between-seasons antics on The Boys, and…

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25 Years Ago We Got Genre’s Most Unapologetic Heroine

Inevitably a cool lady appears on screen with a sweet outfit, a wry smile, and this sense that she is not to be fucked with wrapped around her like a cloak. While women aren’t on the top of the call sheet as often as men in genre film and television,…


Enable 2FA on Zoom’s Mobile and Desktop Apps Right Now

Multi-factor authentication is one of the easiest ways to protect your accounts from unauthorised access or bad actors, but the security feature was noticeably missing on some devices in one of the most popular videoconferencing apps on the planet — and that’s a big problem.


Swimming With Whales: Know the Risks and When It’s Best to Keep Your Distance

Three people were injured last month in separate humpback whale encounters off the Western Australia coast. The incidents happened during snorkelling tours on Ningaloo Reef when swimmers came too close to a mother and her calf. Swim encounters with humpback whales are relatively new in the Australian wildlife tourism portfolio….

LEGO super mario

Here’s Exactly How LEGO Super Mario Works

It’s safe to assume that most people are well-acquainted with the concept of LEGO®, and the concept of Super Mario™, but what about the two combined? How does a game originally designed to be played on a console translate into a traditional block-building hobby/activity/lifestyle? After taking a look at the…

cheap sim only plans

5 Cheap SIM Only Plans Worth Throwing Your Phone At

If you’ve got a phone you love and aren’t thinking about upgrading anytime soon, you may want to consider getting a new plan for it anyway. You could save yourself some money, nab a bit of extra data, or potentially both. Owning your own phone also means you consider plans…

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Amazon Has an Exploding Product Problem

While it’s no secret that Amazon has a history of hosting unsafe products from third-party sellers on its platform, a recent CNN investigation found that the company’s own AmazonBasics line might be just as hazardous based on customer reviews.