How Drought-Breaking Rains Transformed These Critically Endangered Woodlands

In box gum grassy woodlands, widely spaced eucalypts tower over carpets of wildflowers, lush native grasses and groves of flowering wattles. It’s no wonder some early landscape paintings depicting Australian farm life are inspired by this ecosystem. But box gum grassy woodlands are critically endangered. These woodlands grow on highly…

Photo: Gizmodo/MySpace, Internet Archive

Here’s An Idea: The Trump Campaign Should Simply Take Over MySpace

Following a series of grievances with the social media networks that millions of people actually use, Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is floating the idea of setting up shop on a new platform, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. Well, there’s a perfectly good network sitting right there.

A big head with some big plans. (Image: Square-Enix)

Hell Yeah, We’re Beating Up MODOK in the Avengers Game

We shouldn’t be that surprised, really — we’ve known for a while that AIM would have a role in Crystal Dynamics and Square-Enix’s upcoming Avengers action game. But now we’ve got a better picture of the game’s story, and George Tarleton’s big-headed role in it.

The Endangered Internet Archive Is Full of Treasures

The Internet Archive set out in the 1990s with an improbable mission to become the “Library of Alexandria Two”; by 2020, they’ve arguably surpassed that goal, plus delivered their collection straight to the masses. It’s the only repository where a NASA recap of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster logically coexists with…

Photo: Sarah Rice, Getty Images

Climate Lawsuits Are Coming for Koch Industries

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison announced on Wednesday that he’s suing ExxonMobil, Koch Industries, and the American Petroleum Institute because the three firms deceived customers about the climate crisis. This is the first lawsuit of its kind to name API and Koch Industries, and it takes a novel approach by…

Image: Bill Pugliano, Getty

Police Wrongly Arrested a Black Man Using Racist Facial Recognition Technology

In a spectacularly rare admission of likely very common fuckery, police copped to using face recognition to make a wrongful arrest, according to the ACLU, confirming a long-suspected but nearly-impossible-to-prove practice. On Wednesday, the civil rights litigation group lodged a complaint against the Detroit Police Department for allegedly arresting Robert…

Illustration: Elena Scotti, Photos: AP, Shutterstock

I Miss AIM

These days, there’s a million different ways to chat. Sliding into DMs, group texts, Slack channels, Facebook Messenger, encrypted messaging apps like Signal and WhatsApp — you name it. But half these platforms are tied to a social network, and the rest are on your phone. Chances are, your various…

Apple CEO Tim Cook announces a big silicon shift during WWDC 2020. (June 22, 2020) (Screenshot: Apple)

So Just How Powerful Are Apple’s New Laptop Chips Gonna Be

Apple officially confirmed in its WWDC keynote yesterday that, yes, it would be using its own processors in its laptops and desktops. Not a terribly surprising announcement considering the rumour mill had been churning for months prior to that, but it’s nice to have Apple formally acknowledge the existence of…

Staggeringly Rare Old Skyline Shows Up In A Junkyard

Among all the Cavaliers and Barettas and Escorts and Cutlass Supremes that populate so much of the junkyards of America’s vast midwest, you occasionally find some fascinating weirdos, too. An occasional MG, maybe a Saab or two, or, like I once saw in a Kansas junkyard, a forlorn Renault Dauphine….

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Vaping in Australia is About to Become a Whole Lot Tougher

Importing an e-cigarette or nicotine liquid refills will become near impossible if proposed laws by Australia’s health minister are passed. The Australian government intends to ask the Governor-General to amend customs regulations, making it illegal to import vaping equipment into the country without a medical prescription. If the changes are…

I Have No Use For Apple’s CarKey

Proximity keys have been around for a couple decades now, and my colleague Jason Torchinsky explained why they are bad over seven years ago, and yet they are still here. Apple’s CarKey, announced today as part of coming updates to CarPlay, isn’t much different or much of an improvement.

macOS Big Sur is bringing big changes. (Image: Apple)

Boot Camp Is Dead on New Macs and 8 Other Things Apple Didn’t Say at WWDC

You’d be forgiven for missing every change to iOS, macOS, and more that Apple execs speed-talked through during Monday’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote. But even after catching up on all the announcements, there are more useful features coming to iPhones, Macs, Apple Watches, and more — and some big shifts…

Photo: Oculus

Oculus Is Dropping the Go to Focus More on the Oculus Quest

After releasing the Quest and the Rift S, Oculus’ cheapest VR headset — the Oculus Go — has been in kind of a weird place. It doesn’t offer the flexibility or features of its more expensive siblings, and it wasn’t getting a lot of support or content either, so today…

Photo: Segway of Ontario

The Original Segway Is Officially Being Retired on July 15

When first revealed to the world back in December of 2001 Dean Kamen’s Segway promised to revolutionise urban mobility. But sticker shock, and cities quickly banning the self-balancing standing scooter, meant the Segway never came to close to realising that dream. Nineteen years later, on July 15, the original Segway…

Australia has Failed Miserably on Energy Efficiency

Amid the urgent need to slow climate change by cutting greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency makes sense. But as Australia’s chief scientist Alan Finkel last week warned, we’re not “anywhere close to having that nailed”. Energy efficiency means using less energy to achieve the same outcomes. It’s the cheapest way…

Mitsubishi Might Eventually Give Up On The U.S.

Mitsubishi sales in the U.S. actually rose last year by 2.5 per cent compared to 2019, with 121,046 cars sold, the bump largely driven by Eclipse Cross sales more than doubling. Still, that’s less than the number of Chevy Malibus that sold last year. Mitsu is now beginning to think…

Snyder Cuts, Ayer Cuts and the Danger of Fandoms Drunk on Power

It’s a great time to be a fan. This year, aside from making everyone very familiar with walking routes in their local area and the restocking times for the Tesco loo roll aisle, has shown the world that fans have power. In May, Warner Bros announced that the heavily mythologised…

Photo: Kevin Frayer, Getty Images

The Biggest Privacy Changes Coming to iOS in 2020

Apple never misses a chance to brand itself as a tech company that puts our privacy before its profits — and this year’s annual developer conference was no exception. By the time the virtual keynote wrapped up earlier today, the company announced a slew of new privacy-protective tech that’d be…