Couple Who Wore Face Masks Bearing the Nazi Flag Swears They Aren’t Nazis

Despite the months of pundits and reporters arguing that wearing a face mask shouldn’t be a political statement, there’s a select few arseholes who think taking basic measures to keep the current global pandemic from raging on is an affront to their civil liberties, rather than, y’know, common courtesy.

Illustration: Benjamin Currie/Gizmodo

How Do I Stop Tapping My Foot, Biting My Nails, or Twirling My Hair?

Remember offices? Assuming that you do, and that you at some point worked in one, you’ve likely spent at least some time itemizing your colleagues’ annoying/conspicuous habits, or having your annoying/conspicuous habits itemized. Every ostensible workplace meeting is at the same time a showcase for a wide range of half-conscious…

The Big Electric Truck Battle Is Almost Here

The Rivian R1T and R1S — an electric truck and electric SUV respectively — that have been in the development for years now, were originally supposed to be delivered late this year. But the coronavirus pandemic — and perhaps some more normal delays — have now pushed delivery dates back…

We’ve Got A Serious Sunroof Situation Here

East Coast Defender, a Florida company that stuffs V8s and lots of leather into old British trucks, has just set a new record for most-square-inches-of-sunroof on a car. I mean, it has to have, right? Look at all that glass!

Where’s My Electric Russian Sidecar Motorcycle?

I just moved to a new neighbourhood and down the street is someone who street-parks their Ural sidecar motorcycle. I haven’t snagged my own picture of it yet, but it’s a neighbourhood fixture and it got me thinking: Where is that electric Ural we were teased with a few years…

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Next Time you See a Graph, Chart or Map

Since the days of painting on cave walls, people have been representing information through figures and images. Nowadays, data visualisation experts know that presenting information visually helps people better understand complicated data. The problem is that data visualisations can also leave you with the wrong idea – whether the images…

ev fast charger

NSW’s Getting More Free EV Fast Chargers

Electric Vehicles, or EVs, don’t have the most impressive adoption rate in Australia. Expensive models, Luxury Car Tax and a distinct lack of government incentives doesn’t exactly encourage people. But hope isn’t completely lost. The NRMA is rolling out 20 new fast-chargers across rural NSW. The NRMA already has 39…

Craig of the Creek’s Resident Magical Girl Is on Her Way to Beat the Heat

Every single one of the kids who hangs out in Craig of the Creek’s titular overgrown wonderland has some sort of defining trait that sets them apart from their peers and reflects the sort of interests that drive their imaginations. Craig, for instance, likes cartography and exploring, whereas Sparkle Cadet,…

Constantine Was Rated R In The U.S. Mostly Because It Was Moody

Constantine, the 2005 Keanu Reeves–starring adaptation of the Vertigo Comic, had a rough go of it at first. Though it’s a cult favourite now, it didn’t do especially well at release, partially due to the fact that it transgressed a boundary that most comic book films still refuse to cross:…

The 2020 Eisner Winners Are Here, in Strange Circumstances

Despite the fact that this year’s physical San Diego Comic-Con was cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has killed just about 150,000 people in the U.S. alone, the annual Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards were presented last night, virtually, by Phil LaMarr.

The Pandemic Is Delaying All Those Cool New Geneses

Not unlike the producers and distributors of No Time To Die, Mulan, and The French Dispatch, the team at Genesis is worried about a launch botched by the Coronavirus pandemic and they’re holding back the 2021 GV80 crossover and redesigned 2021 G80 sedan until later this year.

Like most things in Lovecraft Country, that does not look friendly. (Screenshot: HBO)

Lovecraft Country’s Racist Horrors Are Rooted in Reality

In , a family of Black heroes find themselves having to face both the everyday racist realities of 1950s America and a whole host of demonic entities that seem to pop up wherever they go. During this year’s San Diego Comic-Con at Home, Lovecraft Country’s cast sat down to discuss…

Imagine this, but...less colourful. (Image: Warner Bros.)

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Just Got a Tiny New Super Tease

San Diego Comic-Con might be, well, at home this year, but Zack Snyder’s skipped the virtual line — and even the official event — altogether to join with a group of fans in celebration of the director finally being able his own version of Justice League. And he celebrated in…

Adventure Time and Summer Camp Island Are Going Even Deeper on HBO Max

A key element of  that originated on Cartoon Network. During this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the creative teams behind some of the shows talked about what to expect in the coming months, and for both Summer Camp Island and Adventure Time fans, the future’s looking bright.