The gang's missing one of its regulars — and that wasn't always the case. (Image: Disney)

One New Mutants Mainstay Is Definitely Not In the Movie

Hasbro’s plans for the G.I. Joe movie universe have been delayed (again). David Gordon Green says Halloween Kills will examine the wider community’s reaction to Michael Myers. Maisie Richardson-Sellers is done for a guest return to Legends of Tomorrow. Plus, what’s to come on Stargirl, and Brenton Thwaites teases a…


Superloop Has Some Insane Unlimited NBN Plans Right Now

If you’re on the lookout for a new NBN plan, Superloop has a big sale on right now. It’s knocking $10/month off a ton of its plans and none of them have contracts. This deal applies to both its limited and unlimited plans across multiple speed tiers. Superloop NBN deal…

Image: T-Mobile (Quibi

I Refuse to Believe This

Quibi — a new streaming service that reportedlyChromecast compatibility after people kept complaining about only being able to watch shows on their phones — has been nominated for ten freaking Emmy Awards. Ten. Which is about how many heart palpitations I had after hearing this news. Ten. Really, Quibi?

Artistic conception of the Ingenuity helicopter in flight on Mars.  (Gif: NASA/JPL)

How NASA’s Tiny New Helicopter Will Make History on Mars

We’re beyond stoked about the upcoming launch of the Perseverance rover to Mars, but NASA’s new explorer won’t be alone on its journey. Tucked beneath its belly is a tiny helicopter named Ingenuity, which will hopefully be the first aircraft to take flight on an alien world.

Image: Mellow

A Sick Sous-Vide Has Been Bricked by Mandatory Subscriptions

The Mellow Sous-Vide machine-made soft, gentle, susurrating waves when it first launched in 2014. Designed to keep and cook foods at a specific temperature, it featured an elegant design and an integrated tub that ensured uniform heating and cooling.

A small portion of Clyde Caldwell's cover art of Azure Bonds. (Image: Wizards of the Coast)

Dungeons & Dragons & Novels: Revisiting Azure Bonds

A woman wakes up in a strange bed. She has no idea how she got there. She has no recollection of the past few days or even the past few months. The only clues to her mysterious origin are five friendly lizardman who can’t speak Common. To discover her past, she’ll…

My $150 Project Bike Isn’t Nearly As Awful As I Hoped It’d Be

I did buy my 1987 Schwinn Cimarron with the intention of riding it. It’s a bike. Riding it places is the whole point. But I also bought it as a project, as something to teach myself how to fix. A few weeks into owning it and I’m discovering it’s maybe…

covid-19 scam

New COVID-19 Scam Makes People Pay For Fake Tests

Bad actors are currently targeting Australians in a new COVID-19 scam. This is what you need to know. Scamwatch has revealed a new COVID-19 scam is localised to Victoria, which is currently suffering a second wave of infection. Some Victorians have begun receiving phone calls alleging they have come in…

Processor CPU

What CPU to Choose for a Gaming PC

The CPU is the cornerstone of how well your computer can perform. While graphics processing units (GPUs) or graphics card will do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to gaming, it’s important that you have a CPU that can keep up. Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your gaming…

Queensland Pub Bans Emus for Bad Behaviour

A rural Queensland pub has banned emus for wreaking absolute havoc. Frankly, you gotta respect their game. The pub in question is the Yaraka Hotel in outback Queensland. The emus were hatched and brought up in Isisford, the closest town to the pub where the feathered ferals have been causing…

The Unite isn't anything super fancy, but it offers almost everything you could want in a basic smartwatch. (Photo: Victoria Song/Gizmodo)

The Polar Unite Makes a Good Case for Simpler, Cheaper Fitness Watches

Fitness doesn’t have to be complicated, but that’s never stopped some wearables companies from turning exercise into an advanced course in data analysis. Most people who ask me which smartwatch they should buy aren’t looking for a metrics dump. They want the basics: a decent price, an easy way to…

Michael's ready to fly the flag for the Federation. (Image: CBS)

Star Trek: Discovery Returns This October

The U.S.S. Discovery has found itself in a future far beyond anything we’ve seen in Star Trek coming out of its second season. And now, we know just when we’ll get to see them navigate that future.

Screenshot: Samsung

Could Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7+ Be the First Real iPad Pro Rival?

Aside from the iPad Pro, tablets — especially Android tablets — are sort of in a weird spot right now. Some major hardware makers like Google have completely abandoned the category, while others continue to churn out boring but serviceable devices seemingly more out of obligation than a desire to…

Photo: Intel

The Chip That Can Smell Can Now Help Robots Feel Touch

Researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have created an artificial robot skin that can process touch 1,000 times faster than humans can, according to Loihi, which Cornell University researchers were able to program to recognise the scent of hazardous chemicals a few months ago. Are these Loihi chips…


Google Will Let Employees Work From Home Through Winter 2021

As big tech grapples with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Google has opted to allow employees to work from home through June of next year for roles that do not need to report in-person to perform their jobs, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced this week.

A health worker collects a nasal swab from a man during a random testing for COVID-19 in Itagui, Columbia. (Photo: Joaquin Sarmiento, Getty Images)

The Coronavirus May Shut Down Our Sense of Smell in an Unexpected Way

Scientists might be closer to understanding one of the most common symptoms of even mild covid-19: the loss of smell and taste. A new study suggests that infection by the novel coronavirus can damage important cells that support the nerve cells responsible for relaying scent to the brain.

Image: Apple

Apple’s $199 Thunderbolt 3 Pro Cable Isn’t Completely Nuts

Let’s face it: anything over $100 is a lot of cash for a braided cable. This is beyond argument, a sort of affront to the gods of Monoprice that have taught us that most cable is barely worth 5 cents a centimetre. So what does Apple think it’s doing with…

Here’s What A Modern NSU Ro80 Might Look Like, Why Not?

There are certain cars that have a timeless quality to their designs, a glorious mix of form and shape and proportion, but almost always tethered to their particular era. But at least one car feels like it could be timeless with minimal changes: the NSU Ro80.

That 1400-HP, Seven-Motor Ford Mustang Mach-e Needs To Run Pike’s Peak

It’s all good and well that the Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400 can create tremendous clouds of tire smoke when thrown around Ford’s proving grounds. That’s not too hard to do. But there’s a better way to get to know whether all that high-torque sorcery going on in that car means…

How to Choose the Right Keyboard for You

The world of keyboards is far-reaching and full of options. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference, but what you do for work or pleasure also plays a role in your choice. Gamers will prefer a vastly different keyboard to, say, someone who spends a lot of time typing….