Rushed out the door to meet the tremendous and unexpected demand for Star Wars toys, Kenner's original R2-D2 action figure, which bore only a passing resemblance to the droid, looks downright archaic by today's toy standards. But that's also made it incredibly popular among collectors, and to capitalise on all that love for the misshapen droid, Gentle Giant has created a life-size replica of the figure.


LEGO's second feature film, The LEGO Batman Movie, wasn't as big a hit as the toymaker's first theatrical outing, but it was one of those rare times when the sum of its parts was greater than the whole. That's why LEGO is creating another series of blind-bagged minifigures based on Batman, and all the wacky DC Comics characters that play supporting roles around him.


Last December, Columbia released a collection of winter jackets based on the costumes in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. They were all only available in limited quantities, making them incredibly hard to find, but this year's collection, based on the iconic outfits worn by Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back, might be harder to find than even a secret Rebel base.


Staying fit and active doesn't mean that you need to leave your devices at home. In fact, they can make your time out in the wild even better.

We figured we aren't the only ones who feel this way. And with Christmas coming up, we thought we would offer up some great tech solutions for your loved ones who enjoy getting off the beaten track.


It was almost two years ago to the day when Amazon released a cheeky video detailing its plans to conquer the skies with a fleet of package-delivering drones. We're still waiting for these unmanned aircraft to replace standard trucks and delivery personnel, but it's clear Amazon hasn't abandoned the idea. Earlier this week, Amazon was granted a patent for technology that could enable its future drones, in the event of an emergency, to self-destruct in order to protect people on the ground.


Do you have an audiophile in your life - that person who takes their love of music and high quality sound to the next level? And are you at a loss when it comes to buying for them at Christmas time?

We've compiled some gift ideas for audio-obsessed people that will quite literally be music to their ears.


Knowing how much seals weigh can give researchers important information about prey availability, habitat quality, and the overall the health of marine ecosystems. But getting close enough to take measurements is dangerous to say the least. Did you know to measure the seals, they need to be sedated? And sedative is given based on just a guess of how much they weigh?

Look, just send in the drones, I say.


Shopping for gifts this holiday season doesn't have to be a harrowing experience for you or your wallet. We've saved you the trouble and rounded up six gadget deals suitable for anyone on your list, whether you know a stylish weekend warrior or a bonafide Star Wars nerd — and you can take an extra 20% off their sale price when you plug in the CYBER20 coupon code at checkout.


Hi, parent of two children under five here. I stink of vomit, poo and stale urine. I'm on four hours sleep right. Children are a treasure.

Christmas is coming. It's the most wonderful time of the year, right? Maybe it will be if you buy me something to either satiate the demons barking and biting at my feet, or give me that sweet, sweet hour of respite during those insanely long, never ending Christmas holidays.

Welcome to the Gizmodo Gift Guide for poor buggers with children.