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I think one of the most under-appreciated eras of automotive manufacture has to be the electric car market from the 1960s to the 1980s. I love this era because it was one of rampant ingenuity and creativity, dominated by small, independent manufacturers, and all they had in common was that every single car they made was objectively terrible. Like this fascinating weirdo, the Electraction Rickshaw.

With a top speed of around four or five miles per hour, most ride-on toys don't provide much of a thrill - unless you throw safety out the window. The irresponsible chaps from YouTube's The Real Life Guys channel upgraded a simple ride-on toy with a 15 horsepower engine that can accelerate it to over 64km/h in less than three seconds.

NSW Police Detectives from the Cybercrime Squad have arrested and charged an Illawarra man who allegedly gained "unauthorised access" to GoGet's fleet booking system, using the information to "access cars" more than 30 times in a three month period in 2017.

The booking system contained customer information, and GoGet have issued a statement detailing what this data breach means for members. Here's everything you need to know.

The Tesla Model 3 is said to be in production hell as the automaker scrambles to ramp up and meet demand and orders for the new electric sedan. There have been multiple reports of hand-built parts that should be automated, delays and poor quality control. Now Tesla employees claim batteries are also being hand-assembled at the Gigafactory plant, which could that lead to further issues.

The US Patent Office recently published a patent by Ford for an autonomous police vehicle that could be programmed with "machine learning tools (e.g., deep neural networks) to find good hiding spots to catch violators of traffic laws". First spotted by Motor 1, the patent - which represents more of a moonshot project than a pending invention - would nonetheless really round out the most dystopian visions of our future.

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With a ban on overtime for Sydney Trains staff beginning from January 25, the flailing network will be under a lot pressure to provide services to the Sydney metropolitan area this Australia Day long weekend. An announcement late yesterday afternoon confirms that, from Thursday, train services will see major disruptions and run to a reduced timetable.

Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne likes to talk. A lot. At the recently held Detroit Auto Show, he also talked a lot. Except this time, instead of threatening to pull his Formula 1 team out of the sport, he took aim at Elon musk and Tesla, declaring that his brand would be the first to build an electric supercar. Ok, Sergio.

For as much hype as GM's 'production ready' driverless, control-free car has gotten, both from GM themselves and the media, you'd think they'd have bothered to make something that looks like they, you know, thought about it for more than an afternoon. Sure, the tech is impressive, but the design is terrible, and hopefully will not be a sign of things to come for autonomous vehicles.