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A new surveillance video from Birmingham, England shows two hackers exploiting keyless technology to steal a sleeping man's Mercedes - in less time than it takes to order something off Deliveroo. Released by the West Midlands Police Department today, authorities believe it to be the first footage of thieves attacking a car using relay boxes, devices that can be programmed to send signals through walls.


In addition to the 'Halo' driver safety cage, Formula One cars will have another new design element for the 2018 season; a golf ball-sized 360-degree camera.

It would seem F1's new owners are interested in delivering a better fan experience, which is a fresh change from those who owned the sport prior. Additionally, the camera will allow for better perspectives to review when steward interaction is required.


Some weird news out of the US today, as four suspects were arrested after allegedly breaking into a Utah Tesla dealership and stealing some of the inventory. What's strange is that the suspects claimed that the cars were given to them by a man named Tesla. Unless Elon Musk changed his name or everyone's favourite Serbian scientist started a car company, I'm not sure that's accurate.


Hackers accessed data belonging to 57 million Uber riders and drivers around the globe in late 2016, including email addresses, phone numbers and drivers licence numbers. Instead of disclosing the breach, Uber paid $US100,000 ($132,592) to the hackers in exchange for their silence. The secret payment ultimately cost several Uber security executives their jobs.


Things seem to be looking up at Uber's embattled self-driving car unit. The company just made a deal with Volvo for as many as 24,000 XC90 sport utility vehicles to be delivered between 2019 and 2021. Uber then plans to add its own driverless technology and unleash a fleet of robo-taxis onto the world. It would be the first of its kind.


The Ford Escape is made from bits of rubbish.

No, really - there's a whole bunch of recycled materials that go into every car. We're talking at least two pairs of old jeans, 25 plastic bottle and more soybean pulp than you probably realised. Ford are even planning to use tomato sauce waste.


Tesla introduced a new show-stopper last week in the form of a colossal big-rig electric semi. It's carrying hugely impressive specs, too. But what Tesla CEO Elon Musk offered up was nothing short of a high-flying reveal party for a couple of concepts. Here's why.


Elon Musk rolled up to a Tesla press event yesterday in an electric semi truck, unveiling his latest project to the world. The semi has been hotly anticipated since Musk first hinted at it last winter, and he's been hyping it up on Twitter this week, promising that the reveal would "blow your mind clear out of your skull and into an alternate dimension".


Another former Tesla employee is seeking permission from a judge to sue Tesla for racial harassment on behalf of over 100 affected African-American workers, according to a report from Bloomberg Technology. The complaint, Vaughn v Tesla Inc in the Superior Court of California, alleges that Tesla workers, including supervisors, regularly used derogatory and discriminatory language against black workers.