Twitter Blue Will Now Cost Aussies More, Here’s What You Should Know About the Subscription Service

Twitter Blue Will Now Cost Aussies More, Here’s What You Should Know About the Subscription Service
Image: Gizmodo Australia

Twitter, the beloved bird app that has given us cursed content for the price of zero dollars every day since 2006 has a premium service – Twitter Blue. It launched in June 2021, but Twitter keeps drip-feeding updates to those willing to fork out the cash.

Twitter Blue is basically the app’s fancy paid service that I imagine is the equivalent of Tinder Gold for people who spend too much time tweeting their stupid thoughts (see: me).

But if you’re already spending an unhealthy amount of time on the cursed blue app, you might wonder what a paid service actually offers. Look no further, my friend, because we’re about to unpack everything you need to know about Twitter Blue.

What is Twitter Blue?

Twitter is a great example of fixing something that’s broken, but in all the wrong ways — enter Twitter Blue. Twitter Blue is the social media platform’s answer to a monthly subscription service that gives Twitter users all the features they never wanted for a price.

Twitter Blue, per its namesake’s website, is “a monthly subscription that gives the most engaged people on Twitter exclusive access to premium features,” which is a hilariously vague description.

Will it change how I use Twitter?

Short answer? No.

Free Twitter isn’t changing or going away, and according to a Twitter spokesperson it “never will”.

Twitter Blue is a premium opt-in service that adds additional benefits to the app, but even if you don’t subscribe, you will still be able to use Twitter the same as you are right now.

How much is Twitter Blue?

When Twitter Blue launched, it was priced at $4.49. Now, it will set you back $6.99 per month. You can subscribe in-app.

Bookmark folders

If you’re like me, you probably abuse the “like” function as a way to save things for future reading. However, this makes it super difficult when you need to find things later on and have to scroll through a seemingly endless pile of things you thought were funny at 2am.

Thankfully, Twitter Blue is introducing Bookmarks Folders, which will allow you to sort your saved tweets in categories such as “things to buy” and “funny tweets.”

twitter blue bookmarks
Twitter Blue: Bookmarks

Undo tweet

One of these features that Twitter has loved to tout in the marketing for Twitter Blue is the “Undo Tweet,” which feels like a spiritual precursor to the fabled edit button, where users have 60 seconds to edit a tweet after it’s been published. While this may be useful for larger accounts that see engagement immediately after a tweet has been published, for us little guys, the “Delete” button will work just fine.

With the Undo Tweet function, you can set a timer of up to 30 seconds to be able to “undo” a tweet and delete it from a thread, tweet or reply.

twitter blue undo tweet
Undo Tweet

Reader Mode

Gone are the days of trying to read lengthy threads that feel clunky and split up. With Twitter Blue’s Reader Mode, you can read the whole thread in plain text, so those lengthy threads read more like an e-book and less like a million individual tweets.

twitter blue reader mode

Life, but ad-free

When you visit a handful of U.S.-based news site from Twitter, with your Blue sub, you can now get an ‘ad-free experience’. This was formerly known as Scroll and the number of publications included will beef up in the coming months.

Twitter is also giving a portion of the revenue from Twitter Blue subscriptions to publishers within its network.

You can also see the most-shared articles in your network over the last 24 hours. The pitch for this one is so you can immediately see what’s important in you area.

Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue Labs

Twitter Blue Labs gives those subscribed early access to new features, before everyone else. These features might eventually make their way to those not paying, or Twitter could shutter them if its testbed says they’re trash.

The first one available to subscribers is the ability to upload videos of up to 10-minutes (as opposed to the standard ~2 minutes for non-subscribers) via Longer Video Uploads. You can also pin your favourite conversations to the top of DM’s with Pinned Conversations.


Other benefits

Twitter Blue subscribers will also be able to get a number of other benefits like customisable icons and colour themes for the Twitter app.

Additionally, users will be able to access their own dedicated subscription customer support team, which will be helpful should you ever encounter any issues in-app.

Twitter plans to add more features and benefits now it has unleashed Twitter Blue to a few more people. Twitter Blue is currently only available in Australia, the U.S., Canada and New Zealand.

This article has been updated since it was first published.