What Should I Watch on Stan? Here Are 5 TV Shows and Movies Coming in August

What Should I Watch on Stan? Here Are 5 TV Shows and Movies Coming in August
What should I watch on Stan? One of the new releases heading to Stan is Batman: Gotham by Gaslight. Image: DC

There are a handful of good TV shows, movies and new releases debuting on Australia’s own streaming service Stan this month, if you’re after something good to watch.

While it’s a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to new releases on Stan,  we’ve got a few recommendations of what you should keep an eye out for as we speed through August.

What’s new on Stan?

You should head over here to see the complete list of what’s new on Stan this month – covering all of the sci-fi, action, adventure, documentary and general pop culture new releases the streaming service is debuting in Australia.

What should I watch on Stan?

In order of release in Australia, here are five TV shows and movies that we reckon you should watch on Stan.

Better Call Saul – August 2

Though it’s not a new series, Better Call Saul is reaching its final few episodes in August. A spinoff to Breaking BadBetter Call Saul ended up being just as impressive as the original series, with brilliantly written characters and terrific cinematography.It’s sad to see it come to an end, but one of the good things about the show is knowing that it won’t go on forever: it’ll be wrapped up one way or another. You can watch the final three episodes of Better Call Saul on August 2, August 9 and August 16. The episode on August 2 is dubbed “Breaking Bad”, so expect a crossover.

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay – August 6

Next on our recommendations list for what we reckon you should watch on Stan this month is an animated DC movie, following the Suicide Squad. A more serious flick than James Gunn’s 2021 reimagining of the villainous task force, Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay follows similar beats. The team is formed and sent to recover a strange artefact. It’s MA 15+, so don’t take the animation aspect lightly.

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight – August 27

One of DC’s animated spin-offs to the typical story of Batman, Gotham by Gaslight is an adaption of Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola’s graphic novel of the same name. An “elseworlds” tale that reimagines the Dark Knight in the Victorian era, Batman’s universe is repurposed to fit the industrial age. A detective of the night, Batman’s foe is the infamous Jack the Ripper. Yes, we know, another animated DC movie. But we reckon you should watch it when it lands on Stan later this month.

Rampage – August 27

A western Kaiju movie bringing the videogame of the same name to life, Rampage is a lightweight monster movie that is simple in its promise (big monkey and huge destruction). Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a lead in this action flick, but I implore you to not go in expecting a masterpiece. Turn your brain off and imagine: what if gigantic monsters destroyed a city? It’s from 2018, so still kind of new, and it’s definitely one of the releases to watch out for on Stan this month.

The Shining – August 30

One of the greatest horror and thriller movies of all time, The Shining is coming to Stan this month.Released in 1980, a family become the caretakers of a hotel in snowy Colorado. The father of the family, Jack Torrance, is a writer, hoping to use the trip to clear his writer’s block. As more weird things begin to happen and tension builds, it becomes a masterclass in cinema. The Shining axes into Stan’s catalogue on August 30.

What else should I watch on Stan?

Last month, we recommended The Undeclared War, Nude Tuesday, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Blade/Blade II/Blade: Trinity and The Matrix/The Matrix: Reloaded/The Matrix: Revolutions. Check back next month and we’ll give you new recommendations if you’re left asking, “What should I watch on Stan in September?”

If you’re curious how much it would cost to sign up to each streaming service in Australia, we’ve done the maths for you. And over here you’ll find a more in-depth comparison of what each streaming service offers.

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