The Best NBN 100 Plans That Cost Less Than $80 a Month

The Best NBN 100 Plans That Cost Less Than $80 a Month
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When it comes to NBN plans, sometimes all you want is to save money. Even on faster speed tiers like NBN 100, this is still achievable. You don’t need to go with a provider where you’ll pay over $100 per month.

There’s a whole host of NBN 100 plans you can get for under $80 per month, but in many cases, this is because of timed discounts. You’ll save for your first six months with the provider, but your bill could exceed $80 after the promo period is over. The good news is most NBN plans are now contract-free, so you can always swap to a different provider when your discount expires.

As a rule, swapping NBN providers every six months is the best way to keep your price as low as possible.

NBN 100 plans under $80 per month

Out of the above list, these are our top choices.

Dodo currently has one a pretty sizeable discount on its NBN 100 plan, dropping it down to $63.90 per month, after which you’ll pay $85. This offer ends August 2, however. If you also get your gas and electricity through Dodo, you can save a further $10 per month on your bill. Dodo reports typical evening speeds of 95Mbps.

MyRepublic has a smaller discount but is cheaper in the long run. You’ll pay $69 per month for your first six months, and then $79 per month thereafter, keeping it under the $80 per month sweet spot. MyRepublic’s evening speeds are however a little lower, at 80Mbps.

SpinTel represents the best value between price and speed. You’re looking at $69 per month for your first six months and $85 per month thereafter, but you’ll get typical evening speeds of 100Mbps. That’s essentially congestion-free.

MATE isn’t doing any promotional discounts right now and charges a flat $79 per month which gets you typical evening speeds of 83Mbps. You can also get this down to $69 per month by bundling in one of the telco’s SIM-only mobile plans. MATE’s plans are powered by the Telstra network and start at $20 per month with 10GB. It’s probably worth opting for the $25 per month SIM with 20GB instead, however. The $25 per month plan also includes a free subscription to music streaming service Tidal.

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