Hellboy’s Mike Mignola Brings a Rad Bride of Frankenstein Poster to Life

Hellboy’s Mike Mignola Brings a Rad Bride of Frankenstein Poster to Life
Image: Mike Mignola

The Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters documentary was announced on March 1, 2021, if by “announced” you mean “a Kickstarter was launched to create the film and was fully funded almost immediately.” Now that documentary will finally see the light of day on August 13, but unless you’re in or around the Los Angeles area you might have to wait for it to hit a wider release. The good news is that you can be anywhere to snag the exclusive (and gorgeous) poster Mignola drew for the event.

The movie will premiere at the Million Dollar Theatre in L.A., held by the Secret Movie Club, preceded by a screening of the 1935 undisputed horror classic The Bride of Frankenstein, and followed by a live Q&A with Mignola and the documentary’s filmmakers. Those who attend will have an opportunity to be the limited edition poster, but thank goodness it’s available online… while supplies last. Because the poster is gorgeous:

Image: Mike MignolaImage: Mike Mignola

No notes! (It should go without saying that Mignola created the art with his longtime colorist Dave Stewart.) To order the poster, and to buy tickets to the Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters premiere if you’re in the vicinity, head here.

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