Halloween Ends’ First Trailer Teases a Showdown for the Ages

Halloween Ends’ First Trailer Teases a Showdown for the Ages
Screenshot: Blumhouse

He’s back! Michael Myers, the infamous fictional serial killer who only murders during Halloween will return in Halloween Ends, the thirteenth film in the Halloween franchise, which will follow the events of Halloween Kills.

There’s not much shown in the trailer, but it’s clear that Myers is back after the events of Halloween Kills, because of course he is, and out for blood (because of course he is). Also featured is Jamie Lee Curtis, returning one more time as Laurie Strode — who’s once again more than ready to take the fight to Michael.

The trailer is mostly about that fight, as we see Michael find Laurie at home and begin a tense struggle between the two, cut between footage from the classic Halloween films and the recent remakes. Oh, and of course, a lot of screaming. Just as the name implies though, Laurie is looking to make this the last time she ever has to deal with the white-masked evil that’s been haunting her and her family for so long.

Halloween Ends will premiere in theatres October 13.

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