The Best Tech Deals You Can Still Swipe in Click Frenzy’s Julove Sale

The Best Tech Deals You Can Still Swipe in Click Frenzy’s Julove Sale
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We’ve now entered the final hours of Click Frenzy’s Julove sale. The big day is set to end at midnight tonight where we’ll have to say goodbye to over 500 deals from over 100 brands.

According to Mark Salzmann (Head of Content at Click Frenzy), while Julove originally started in 2020 as a way to support local businesses during the pandemic, it was been brought back to help support Aussies that are struggling with the effects of the rising inflation rate.

So whether you’re looking for a way to stop your tax return from burning a hole in your pocket, or you’re ready to upgrade from your super laggy laptop, now’s your last chance to secure a deal.

When is Click Frenzy Julove 2022?

Click Frenzy’s Julove Sale is in the final leg of its 53-hour run. The mammoth shopping event will end at midnight tonight (Thursday, 28 July), so if you want to snap up a deal on a new PC, monitor or pair of headphones, you better not leave it until it’s too late.

The top Click Frenzy Julove 2022 deals

So far, we’ve found amazing discounts on big brands from Bose, DigiDirect, KitchenAid, Shaver Shop, Lenovo and more over the last three days of sales.

Here are the best Click Frenzy Julove deals you can still grab:

The best Click Frenzy Julove 2022 tech deals

A Running List of the Best Tech Deals From Click Frenzy’s Julove Sale
Image: Samsung

The best Click Frenzy Julove 2022 PC and gaming deals

click frenzy gaming deal nintendo switch
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Click Frenzy’s rare 99% off deals have also made a reappearance, so expect to find ridiculous prices on sought-after products. This year’s Go Gaga deals have already featured $5 Nintendo Switch console, $4 AirPods Pro and $14 Microsoft Surface Pro 7+. All that’s left is an $8 PS5 and a $4 Nespresso Vertuo Plus coffee machine bundle up for grabs.

How to score the best tech deals during Click Frenzy Julove

apple airpods pro
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If you want an advanced warning before the 99% off deals go live, you’ll need to be signed up to their e-newsletter. Seeing as the stock is very limited, it’s unsurprising that they’ll disappear just as quickly as they appear.

Here’s how you can keep track of those 99% off deals. In the past, you’ll usually have to sit on the Click Frenzy site between the designated time frame and wait for the pop-up to appear. From there, you’ll have to answer a random question as quickly as possible.

One riddle we can recall from the May 2022 sale forced us to run to Click Frenzy’s Instagram page to find the answer on their story and submit it as quickly as possible. Those who were successful received a text message within 24 to 48 hours with a unique link that gave them exclusive access to the 99% off deal of their hearts.

Here’s a few more tips and some things to know to ensure you get to make the most of the Click Frenzy sale:

1. Turn off your adblockers

Sorry adblocker fans, if you want to score a sweet, sweet deal you’re going to have to turn it off. We know, we know. But if you want something like a $6 PlayStation 5, you’re going to need to be able to see that pop-up or risk missing out. We don’t make the rules.

2. Payment offers differ

While you can explore the deals via Click Frenzy’s website, anything you click will take you directly to the retailer’s site to complete your purchase. This does mean that payment offers will differ across each brand, so keep that in mind whether you plan to use your credit card or Afterpay.

3. There will be purchase limits

If you see something you like, act fast. Grab the things you really want and head straight to checkout, lest it sell out. For instance, if you’re quick enough to nab one of those rare 99% off deals, you’ll only be able to buy one. Similarly, most sale items will have limited stock so don’t spend too much time filling up your cart with everything you can see.

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