Aussie Broadband Is Back Up and Running After Australia-Wide Outage

Aussie Broadband Is Back Up and Running After Australia-Wide Outage
Image: Aussie Broadband

Good news everyone, the Aussie Broadband Australia-wide outage has been resolved.

Update, 2:10pm: The outage appears to be mostly resolved across Australia, with limited outages still impacting Aussie Broadband customers.

At about 12:55 pm AEST today, I began to suspect something fishy was going on with my Aussie Broadband-powered home network, resetting it and then not seeing it come back on after the expected amount of reset time. It began to smell like an outage, quickly.

Shortly after I began to notice issues, following a full system reset in my home, Aussie Broadband took to Twitter. An ETA for services to be back to normal wasn’t posted, however, Aussie quickly acted and had things back online in just over an hour.

If you went over to Aussie Broadband’s system outages page during the downtime, you would have seen a “Major” unscheduled outage hitting NBN and OptiComm services in every state, first noted from 1:02 pm AEST.

Here was Aussie Broadband’s Lizzie instructing me to take the rest of the day off when the outage was reported. Unfortunately, my good friend Lizzie, such an act would have disappointed my editors and my Moose Mobile 36GB 4G plan would have gone to waste (I’d love to use your 5G plans, Aussie, but they’re a tad expensive).

We asked Aussie Broadband why this outage occurred, to which John Reisinger, the CTO of Aussie Broadband, said:

“The cause of yesterday’s [5/07/2022] outage was an automation fault which occurred during routine platform management. Our team moved rapidly to fix the fault and recover the affected services.”

“It’s worth noting that this was separate to the storm impacts on NBN’s network in New South Wales. For customers affected by this, Aussie Broadband offers a range of disaster support options.”

This article has been updated since it was originally published.