Telstra Quietly Rolls 5G Trial Out to Pre-Paid Customers

Telstra Quietly Rolls 5G Trial Out to Pre-Paid Customers
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If you’re a Telstra pre-paid customer, chances are you may have noticed a little 5G symbol up the top of your phone recently, right where the 4G one used to sit.

Since May 30, the telco has been gradually rolling out a 5G access trial for all Telstra/Boost pre-paid customers.

As a customer, you’ll know if you’ve received the upgrade thanks to that little 5G symbol and also a text message or email from Telstra.

To be eligible for the trial, you need to have an active recharge. To access 5G, you’ll need a 5G compatible device and be in a 5G coverage area. Telstra said you will not be charged for the trial and everything else you’ve agreed to with your service will remain the same.

If you haven’t been upgraded just yet, don’t worry, Telstra said it is gradually adding 5G to all pre-paid recharges over the next few weeks.

“If you haven’t been notified that you’ve got 5G access yet, then it won’t be long! Please be patient and we will contact you once 5G is added to your service. 5G access may take up to 24 hours once added to your recharge,” the telco said.

All pre-paid recharges are included in the 5G trial.

The trial will end on 26 September 2022, after which your service will default back to the standard network access for your chosen plan.

Head over here if you’re a Telstra pre-paid customer who just got 5G to test it out.

Happy 5G-ing, Telstra pre-paid folks!