8 Shows to Watch Now Raised by Wolves Has Been Cancelled

8 Shows to Watch Now Raised by Wolves Has Been Cancelled
Raised by Wolves. Image: HBO
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This weekend, we received some pretty bad news. HBO has cancelled Raised by Wolves, a show many of us were only just starting to get hooked on. Fear not, however, for we’ve got some suggestions of TV shows that are similar to Raised by Wolves.

There’s eight TV shows we reckon are similar to Raised by Wolves (or at least ones that might fill the Raised by Wolves hole in your heart).


If you’re a Raised by Wolves fan and you’ve somehow slept on Westworld, now is your opportunity to dive right into this other HBO show. Westworld is a dystopian sci-fi, neo-Western TV series from Jonathan Nolan (brother of Christopher Nolan) and Lisa Joy. Westworld is based on the 1973 film of the same name (and also kind of that film’s sequel, Futureworld).

The story begins in Westworld, a fictional, yet technologically advanced Wild-West-themed amusement park populated by android “hosts”. The park caters to high-paying guests who may indulge their wildest fantasies within the park without fear of retaliation from the hosts, who are prevented by their programming from harming humans. Great news, Westworld has a fourth season heading our way soon.

Seasons one through three of Westworld are streaming on Binge and Foxtel Now.



Next up is Foundation, the Apple TV+ exclusive. Foundation is a television adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s prolific book of the same name. It’s similar to Raised by Wolves, but Foundation has also been described as a sci-fi Game of Thrones. We’ve also previously compared it to Star Wars because it seems Apple threw out the book and brought in burgeoning heroes, foreboding villains, laser swords, funky aliens and a bunch of action and adventure. OK maybe not overly similar to Raised by Wolves, but Foundation is complex saga of humans scattered on planets throughout the galaxy all living under the rule of the Galactic Empire. It follows Dr Hari Seldon and his loyal followers as they attempt to preserve their culture as the galaxy collapses around them. Season two is on its way.

Season one of Foundation is streaming on Apple TV+.


Star Trek: The Next Generation

Heading back to 1987 for this one. Star Trek: The Next Generation is a bit of a far cry from the focused sci-fi elements of Raised by Wolves, but it’s where you’ll find a lot of the juicy futuristic similarities and influences that the show developed and fleshed out (especially around android rights and coexistence with humanity). If you’re looking to go back to one of the shows that kicked off the sci-fi TV craze, The Next Generation is a terrific place to start (especially from season three onwards). However, its episodes are mostly self-contained discoveries around the universe. Ones that are seeking new life and new dangers on a journey where no man has gone before. What we mean by this is the through-line arches of the show aren’t as present. Still, it’s good to go back to one of the classics (we also recommend Star Trek Voyager, if we’re being honest).

All seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation are streaming on Netflix and Paramount+. You’ll also find Star Trek Voyager there, too.


Brave New World

Brave New World might only have one season, but if you’re looking for something similar to Raised by Wolves, we can’t not bring it up. Based on Aldous Huxley’s classic 1930s dystopian novel, Brave New World is set in a future where citizens are forced to take mind-controlling drugs that make everyone happy all the time – what could go wrong, right? But as the main character, Bernard Marx, begins to question the world around him it all goes downhill from there. Brave New World has some stunning visuals, bringing us the utopian world of New London that we all wish we could escape to. Unfortunately, there’s no second season, with the show being axed at the end of season one.

Season one of Brave New World is streaming on Stan.


Tales From The Loop

Helmed by former Legion co-executive producer Nathaniel Halpern, Tales From the Loop is about a small town whose economy, employment and overall way of being are centred around “the Loop”. It’s the scientific facility designed to house and study “the Eclipse”. A mysterious giant ball that seems to bring with it all sorts of miraculous occurrences: time travel, robots, parallel universes, even a structure that can tell you when you’re doing to die. Many of these things are not well explained (if at all), which can be frustrating to viewers, but it makes sense in the narrative. The people in this town are used to this world. They go about their everyday lives, quietly co-existing with this strange reality that most of us would be confounded by. Tales From the Loop is yet to get renewed for a second season, even though the first ended in 2020. We guess it’s similar to Raised by Wolves in more ways than one.

Season one of Tales From The Loop is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.



Devs is an FX limited series that focuses on a young software engineer named Lily Chan who works for Amaya, a cutting-edge tech company based in Silicon Valley. After her boyfriend Sergei’s apparent suicide, Lily suspects foul play and begins to investigate. She quickly realises that all roads lead to Forest, Amaya’s enigmatic CEO, and Devs, the company’s secret development division. In Lily’s quest to discover the truth, she uncovers a technology-based conspiracy that could change the world. Devs has a few elements that are similar to Raised by Wolves once you get into it, despite the setting being drastically different. Season two is unlikely. The hits keep coming.

Season one of Devs is streaming on Disney+.



If there’s one show you should see if you’re looking for shows similar to Raised by Wolves, it has to be See (see what we did there?). In the early 21st century, a virus wiped out all human beings but some who survived lost their sense of sight. See takes place several centuries later, where society has found new ways to socially interact, build, hunt and survive without vision. The world the series creates is a fascinating thought experiment about how a society built by a blind population would function. It misses the mark a little, when it comes to production, but we still think it’s worth a watch.

Seasons one and two of See are streaming on Apple TV+.



In a dystopian near-future LA, residents live under a regime of military occupation by an organisation known as the Transitional Authority. The Authority serves an extra-terrestrial group referred to as the “Hosts”. Little is known about the Hosts until later in the series. (An alien robotic race finds itself hunted, who came to Earth to use humans as allies and labour in their own battle). You can see how Colony is similar to Raised by Wolves, and the good news is there’s three whole seasons to binge.

Seasons one through three of Colony are streaming on Netflix.