Planet of the Apes Makes a Marvel Comics Return

Planet of the Apes Makes a Marvel Comics Return
Image: Marvel Comics

The history between Planet of the Apes and Marvel Comics nearly goes back to the original film’s release, with over 40 years of published work with the seminal sci-fi franchise. And now with Disney’s synergy, all Fox properties seem to be not only up for cinematic grabs but expansions in all other forms. So it’s only natural that after publishing Alien and Predator titles for Marvel, a new Planet of the Apes series has been announced, with creative teams that will be announced at a later date for its planned 2023 publication.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Planet of the Apes back to the House of Ideas!” editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski shared in Marvel Entertainment’s official release. “The new saga in the pipeline is going [to] explore the limits of what this beloved franchise has to offer through bold comics storytelling, and we look forward to setting foot on this new adventure!”

Marvel first published Planet of the Apes stories back in 1974. Most recently before the Disney and Fox merger, Boom published a take based off Twilight Zone’s Rod Serling’s early draft of a scrapped screenplay, from writer Dana Gould and artist Chad Lewis.

Check out this teaser for the new Marvel Comics Planet of the Apes series from artist Salvador Larroca:

Image: Marvel ComicsImage: Marvel Comics

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