Netflix’s Wednesday Addams Snaps Into the Spotlight

Netflix’s Wednesday Addams Snaps Into the Spotlight
Image: Netflix

In typical Addams Family style (darkly humorous, delightfully poised), Jenny Ortega steps into the spotlight as everyone’s favourite macabre teenage goth, Wednesday Addams. Tim Burton helms the spinoff series that features the goth girl who had some absolutely devastating lines in the films. This is our first look at Ortega in ful Wednesday stylings, and everything about her look, from the sleek braids to the winged rose details on her dress, seem tailor-made to introduce a fantastic new murder-mystery series.

We only know some details about the new show, which will be Tim Burton’s television director debut, but it appears as if Wednesday Addams will be taking on the role of a teenage snoop with a delightfully dry twist. The show will be a coming of age comedy, a supernatural mystery, and a boarding school locked room whodunit. Wednesday will also have psychic powers to contend with, alongside the other spooky going-ons at her haunted home-away-from home, Nevermore Academy. Smallville creators Al Gough and Miles Millar are slated to serve as both showrunners and writers for the eight-episode limited series.

Image: NetflixImage: Netflix

If you’re wondering what Christina Ricci, the original Wednesday Addams, thinks of all this, well she’s in on the whole thing! After her standout performance on Yellow Jackets, Ricci will be a part of the Addams household once again, in a new, unseen character role. Other casting news includes comedian Louis Guzmán as the suave patriarch Gomez Addams, Catherine Zeta-Jones as the stylish Morticia Addams, and Gwendoline Christie in another yet-unnamed role.

Wednesday will premier on Netflix later this year.

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