There’s Yet Another Ride-Share App, but This One Lets You Pitch the Fare and Pick the Driver

There’s Yet Another Ride-Share App, but This One Lets You Pitch the Fare and Pick the Driver
Not actually to scale. Image: Gizmodo Australia

There’s a new ride-sharing app in Melbourne, because we need more Uber-adjacent services. But this one is a little different, as it lets you pick your driver and suggest a fare.

It’s called inDriver.

inDriver announced its Aussie launch earlier this year with the tagline of being a “revolutionary ride-hailing service”. “Revolutionary” because it “promotes justice in the market”. inDriver said it enables passengers and drivers to set their own prices by negotiating directly.

How this works is the passenger makes a request for a ride (by selecting pick up and drop off locations), then they suggest a price they want to pay for the trip. They can also add additional info, such as a request for a child’s car seat or another stop.

Drivers nearby can either accept the offered fare or make a counteroffer. The passenger is then presented with offers from multiple drivers and they choose the one they want. In addition to the pitched fare, picking your driver can be based on their rating (you can see this ahead of time), the type of car they drive (it’s gonna be a Toyota Camry, it always is) and how quick they say they can arrive.

Like with other ride-share services, you can contact the driver prior to their arrival, see the car’s approximate arrival time and its real-time geolocation point on the map.

Something we can get behind, is that inDriver does not increase prices based on high demand or weather. Many of us know this as ‘surge pricing’. And to get drivers to sign up, inDriver is waiving commission requirements for the first six months. inDriver isn’t saying how much their cut is, but said it “assures drivers” its “commission will be the lowest on the market”.

Please enjoy this collage of promotional pictures inDriver provided. Image: inDriver

inDriver already operates in Brisbane, and by expanding into Melbourne, inDriver Australian country manager Mike Chauhan is certain there’s room for another ride-sharing company down under.

“Australians have shown they are ready for a new ride share experience,” he said in a press release. “inDriver’s innovative model democratises the service for both drivers and passengers, and as we’ve seen elsewhere, the expansion of ride-hailing will be a boon for local economies.”

inDriver said it has over 100 million users and that it operates in over 600 cities around the world.