June Is Packed With Game Showcases and Reveals: Here’s How To Watch Them

June Is Packed With Game Showcases and Reveals: Here’s How To Watch Them
Image: PlayStation, Insomniac Games

Welcome to the E3 gaming reveal season! This is a magical time of the year for gamers, when all the big reveals are scheduled to happen through June gaming showcases.

We used to put this all under “E3”, the gaming expo that would happen annually before COVID. Since 2019, there hasn’t been an E3, and now all the publishers seem to do their reveals online with game showcases in June.

Now, how might an Aussie watch some of these? That’s where we’re here to help. Using this article you can keep track of all the big game showcases this June.

PlayStation State of Play

When to watch: June 3 at 8am AEST, 7am ACST, 6am AWST

The PlayStation State of Play in June is PlayStation’s big annual gaming event where it showcases major releases and announcements coming up. Last year it revealed the Marvel’s Wolverine and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 games, so hopefully this year we’ll get a closer look at these games. You can expect PS VR2 and third party game announcements, but hopefully there’ll be some nice exclusives too. You can watch this on Twitch or YouTube.

Summer Game Fest

When to watch: June 10 at 4am AEST, 3am ACST, 2am AWST

Summer Game Fest is the successor to E3, but with some publishers now doing their own things (in particular PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo), it’s now compressed into an online show. Geoff Keighly (the host of The Game Awards) will be hosting the event. Last year the event closed with a reveal of Elden Ring, along with a release date (that was later pushed back), so let’s hope this year can live up to that high note. You can watch this on Twitch or YouTube.

Xbox + Bethesda June Game Showcase

When to watch: June 13 at 3am AEST, 2am ACST, 1am at AWST

The Xbox + Bethesda Game Showcase will feature games coming to the Xbox platforms (Xbox and PC), including first party titles (which obviously includes Bethesda now that Xbox owns the company) and third party titles. Last year, Forza Horizon 5 was revealed, along with our first look at Starfield, the next major RPG from Bethesda. You can watch this on Twitch or YouTube.

No Nintendo Direct… Yet

Nintendo hasn’t announced a Direct showcase for June just yet, but it’ll likely do so sometime soon. Last year, Nintendo revealed Metroid Dread at the June Nintendo Direct, so we’re expecting at least something from Nintendo this time around.

Other games showcases

While the four showcases listed above are typically considered to be the unmissable ones, they’re not the only showcases taking place this month. Here’s what you should also keep an eye out for: