Here’s Every 5G Phone Plan in Australia, Take Your Pick

Here’s Every 5G Phone Plan in Australia, Take Your Pick
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It’s taken a while, but 5G phone plans in Australia are becoming more and more common, despite remaining on the pricier side.

In the three or so years since 5G arrived in the country, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone have rolled out bits of their networks across the country. Although it’s not available everywhere just yet, you’ll often find a 5G signal in the city and you can now order a 5G home internet plan.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before you access a 5G network, you need two things: a 5G-capable phone plan and a 5G-capable phone. Thankfully, such things are in abundance now in Australia. Here’s your guide to 5G in Australia.

If you want to stay up to date on new 5G phone plans in Australia, give this page a bookmark and check in every now and then. We’ll be updating it when new plans roll out. If we’ve missed a plan, let us know!

Every 5G phone plan in Australia

Believe it or not, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone aren’t the only providers offering 5G phone plans in Australia. Smaller providers like Aussie Broadband, Southern Phone and Spintel have also jumped on 5G as Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), meaning they lease space on phone networks owned by the aforementioned big three (Telstra, Optus and Vodafone).

As of May 2022, Telstra has announced that it will open up 5G to wholesale customers in July. Additionally, prepaid Boost Mobile and Telstra customers will soon get access to a 5G free trial.

For the moment, 5G phone plans are a bit pricier than standard 4G phone plans in Australia, but we’ll likely see that change as 5G plans become more common. Regardless, below you’ll find every 5G phone plan that you can get in Australia.

Telstra 5G phone plans

Telstra only offers three 5G-capable phone plans in Australia. Here’s how much each plan costs and what you get with each plan:

  • Telstra Upfront Mobile Phone Plan Medium: $65 per month for 80GB data
  • Telstra Upfront Mobile Phone Plan Large: $85 per month for 120GB data
  • Telstra Upfront Mobile Phone Plan Extra Large: $115 per month for 180GB data

All three of these plans are offered without any contracts and you can bundle in a 5G-capable handset at the checkout.

Telstra 5G plans

Optus 5G phone plans

Optus offers a wider range of 5G plans on its network than Telstra, and the amount you’ll end up spending is just a little cheaper. Optus offers four 5G-capable phone plans and four 5G-capable prepaid plans. Here’s how much you’ll spend on each:

  • Optus 5G Flex 2GB: $2 per day for 2GB data
  • Optus 5G Flex 14GB: $14 per seven days for 14GB data
  • Optus 5G Flex 28GB: $28 per 14 days for 28GB data
  • Optus 5G Flex 60GB: $60 per 30 days for 60GB data
  • Optus Small Choice Plus Plan: $45 per month for 20GB data
  • Optus Medium Choice Plus Plan: $55 per month for 80GB data
  • Optus Large Choice Plus Plan: $65 per month for 200GB data
  • Optus Extra Large Choice Plus Plan: $85 per month for 240GB data

Like with Telstra, you can bundle a phone in with your purchase at the checkout. Optus phone plans have no contracts.

Optus 5G postpaid plans

Optus 5G prepaid plans

Vodafone 5G phone plans

Often seen as the cheapest of the big three, Vodafone also offers 5G plans on its postpaid plans (although not on its prepaid plans). Here’s how much you’ll spend on a 5G phone plan from Vodafone:

  • Vodafone Lite Plan: $40 per month for 10GB data
  • Vodafone Lite+ Plan: $45 per month for 30GB data
  • Vodafone Super Plan: $55 per month for 60GB data
  • Vodafone Super+ Plan: $65 per month for 100GB data
  • Vodafone Ultra+ Plan: $85 per month for unlimited data

The most expensive Vodafone plan actually offers unlimited data, meaning you don’t need to worry about blowing through your monthly data allowance. As far as 5G goes, though, this is as 5G as Vodafone gets.

Vodafone 5G plans

Spintel 5G phone plans

Another MVNO that has got in on 5G phone plans early is Spintel. Although this smaller provider only offers two 5G-capable phone plans, it’s still one of the only providers in the country offering 5G mobile connectivity. Here are the plans:

  • Spintel 80GB plan: $50 per month for 80GB data
  • Spintel 200GB plan: $65 per month for 200GB data

SpinTel 5G plans

Aussie Broadband 5G phone plans

Aussie Broadband was one of the first MVNO adopters of 5G, using the Optus network, which it also uses for its 4G plans. Although Aussie Broadband’s mobile phone operation is a lot smaller than the big three, you’ll still find two 5G phone plans available. Here’s how much you’ll spend on a 5G Aussie Broadband mobile plan:

  • Aussie Broadband 80GB Plan: $60 per month for 80GB data
  • Aussie Broadband 200GB Plan: $70 per month for 200GB data

Southern Phone 5G phone plans

Another MVNO that offers 5G phone plans is Southern Phone (four of them, in fact). Southern phone operates on the Optus network. Here’s how much you’ll spend:

  • Southern Phone Basic Plan: $50 per month for 20GB data
  • Southern Phone Standard Plan: $60 per month for 80GB data
  • Southern Phone Large Plan: $70 per month for 200GB data
  • Southern phone X-Large Plan: $90 per month for 240GB data

That’s about it for 5G phone plan providers in Australia. There isn’t a lot of them, which goes to show that it’s still early days for 5G connectivity, but that’ll change. Watch this space.

Every 5G capable phone in Australia

Despite 5G phone plans not being that far along yet in Australia, 5G-capable smartphones are widely available. It’s easy to pick up a 5G phone plan in Australia now, and with the big names all committed to 5G handsets from here on out (including Apple, Samsung, Google and OPPO), we’ll likely only see a few more non-5G phones before 5G takes over from 4G.

If we listed off every 5G-capable smartphone in Australia, we’d be here all day. For that reason, we’ve decided to compile all the big-name 5G phones, just to give you some assurance that either your current phone or your next phone is capable of 5G. Keep in mind that there are likely more 5G-capable phones out there than this list would indicate.

The following phones are 5G-capable:

When you’re shopping around, make sure you keep an eye out for 5G connectivity. While lots of phones are 5G-capable in Australia, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so just make sure.