Demons Beckon in Netflix’s First Look at Wendell & Wild

Demons Beckon in Netflix’s First Look at Wendell & Wild
Screenshot: Netflix/YouTube

From Nightmare Before Christmas director Henry Selick and writers Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key comes Wendell & Wild, a new stop-motion tale of teens facing the supernatural. During Netflix’s Geeked Week, Selick showcased a glimpse of the animated film; it features Lyric Ross (Ironheart) as Kat, a teen who summons Wendell and Wild, two demon brothers voiced by Key and Peele.

This Monkeypaw and Netflix feature has been a long time coming — stop-motion animation being a notoriously slow process, of course — but this looks worth the wait. And we love this look at what’s in store as we meet Kat, who hears the glowing call of friends (we hope) from the other side within a cute and very haunted-looking bear.

We can’t wait for more and in the meantime, Netflix has released music stations inspired by Kat, with cute animation of her Cyclops boombox which feature playlists of Afro punk tracks by artists like Sate, Big Joanie, Nafets, Bad Brains, Death, and even the sounds of demonic possession.

Wendell & Wild will be released this October.

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