Do You Khow Who’s in These Gorgeous Pop Culture Portraits?

Do You Khow Who’s in These Gorgeous Pop Culture Portraits?
Image: Ashton Gallagher

“Wait, those are paintings?” It’s a phrase I hear often when discussing the work of painter Ashton Gallagher. The Illinois-based artist can take any subject and make a painting so lifelike, so dynamic, that you’d swear it was a photo. And, at times, people do think they’re photos. But, we assure you they’re not.

On June 11, Gallagher returns to Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, CA with “Mini-Portraits IV,” his fourth (obviously) exhibit of pop culture portraits in his beautifully detailed style. It’s a show he’s been thinking about since completed work on his last show back in 2020.

“At the end of each show, I write down thoughts and ideas for what I should do on the next one — as it pertains to process and what it takes behind the scenes to bring a show together,” Gallagher told Gizmodo over email. “For me, bringing a show together is always fluid. It often starts one way and, likely, ends up completely different than I initially thought. A lot of that has to do with the amount of time dedicated to each piece, pushing it to be the best version I can make it. I’m proud to say this show is close to what I envisioned! Any projects that didn’t make it in from the original plan are ready to go for the next show. Always nice to have a leg up.”

Before we talk about the next show, though, we’ve got a selection of pieces from this show, which has its opening from 7-9 p.m. on Saturday, June 11. First is an exclusive reveal from one of the most famous sci-fi films of all time. Then, Gallagher exclusively crafted multiple teases for us. Blurry images with a line of dialogue to give a hint of what else will be in the show. But, as you can see from the image above, these are not rocket science. We’re pretty sure there’s gonna be a Han Solo in there too.

Begin the slideshow to see it all, as well as a few other images that have been revealed.

An Gizmodo Exclusive: Rick Deckard

Image: Ashton GallagherImage: Ashton Gallagher

io9 can exclusively reveal that Ashton Gallagher has done this evocative painting of Harrison Ford’s character, Rick Deckard, in Blade Runner. The likeness is incredible and it doesn’t come easy.

“Right now, completing a painting from underpainting to finished piece takes between 5-6 days,” Gallagher said. That does not include prep work such as drawings, and post-work like framing, reproducing the artwork or prints.”

Tease 1: “Fool of a Took!”

Image: Ashton GallagherImage: Ashton Gallagher

Any guesses? We’re thinking it’s obviously something from the DC Universe. Maybe even a Pixar movie. (We’re joking, of course.)

The Joker

Image: Ashton GallagherImage: Ashton Gallagher

While Gallagher’s paintings are generally about four by four inches, this amazing piece of Heath Ledger’s The Joker from The Dark Knight is much larger. And, you can display it upside down or right-side-up, whichever you prefer.

“As you can see in this current show, I’ve been able to take some pieces and their frames further than I have in the past,” Gallagher said. “These are things I have not yet done in prior shows. But without building the base of those prior shows, I wouldn’t be able to call these advancements such a success. I can’t wait for everyone to see them!”

Tease 2: “It was beauty killed the beast.”

Image: Ashton GallagherImage: Ashton Gallagher

This one is a no-brainer. It’s from Beauty and the Beast, obviously! The question is: is it the classic film, the animated original, the live-action remake, or the TV show with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton from the ‘80s? (Again, joking!) We’ll find out Saturday.

Dennis Nedry

Image: Ashton GallagherImage: Ashton Gallagher

With Jurassic World Dominion now in theatres, it’s appropriate that the Jurassic franchise be represented in “Mini-Portraits IV.” And who better than everyone’s favourite butterfingered coder, Dennis Nedry?

Tease 3: “To Infinity and beyond.”

Image: Ashton GallagherImage: Ashton Gallagher

Ashton, you made these too easy. Certainly, if we’re talking beyond infinity this is from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Definitely not a character who has a movie coming out next week. (Yes… still joking.)

Tease 4: “Who’s scruffy looking?”

I spoiled this one on the first page, didn’t I? Damnit, I screwed up my own bit. Anyway, yes, looks like Mr. Harrison Ford will be well represented in the show, not just with Deckard, but Han Solo from The Empire Strikes Back too.

And that’s all folks.

Image: Ashton GallagherImage: Ashton Gallagher

The above Fozzie bear is not in this show (it’s from the previous show), but we’re putting it there in case you want to see more from Ashton Gallagher. Check out our articles on his previous shows as well as his Instagram. And, if you’re in LA, head to Gallery 1988 beginning Saturday night, through June 25, to see the show.

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