The Hunter x Hunter Manga May Be Coming Back

The Hunter x Hunter Manga May Be Coming Back
Image: Studio Madhouse

Fans of shonen manga and anime have plenty of series they love — series we’ve talked about a few times on this site — and among the upper tier of those is Hunter x Hunter. Yoshihiro Togashi’s martial arts manga has been a commercial and critical success since it debuted in 1998, but due to Togashi’s health issues, it went into its longest hiatus ever in 2018 following the release of its most recent issue. After four years of waiting, it sounds like the series is about to make a[nother] comeback.

On Twitter, an account claiming to be Togashi tweeted a photo of the corner of a manga page, along with the caption: “4 more episodes for the time being.” This is the only tweet the account’s made, though according to One-Punch Man artist Yusuke Murata, that’s the Twitter for the real Togashi. For fans of Hunter x Hunter, it’s being taken as a soft confirmation that the beloved series will be making a comeback in the near future.

If you haven’t read or watched Hunter x Hunter, the series takes place in a world where licensed Hunters go on missions to hunt monsters, fight criminals, or find treasure. Its lead protagonist, Gon Freecss, becomes a Hunter so as to find his missing father, himself one of the best Hunters in the world. As with any shonen protagonist, he makes some friends along his travels: Killua, the heir of an assassin family; a med student named Leorio; and Kurapika, the sole survivor of his murdered clan. The series has been adapted into anime twice; with the more recent of the two having released in 2011 on Crunchyroll and covers the majority of the manga.

When the manga lastleft off, it had just wrapped up Gon’s story in the “Chimera Ant” arc and was pivoting to Kurapika. Determined to retrieve the stolen eyes of his slain clan members, Kurapika signs up to bodyguard a baby princess, with Leorio tagging along for the ride as a medic on the ship.

io9 has reached out to Viz Media, the US publisher of Hunter x Hunter, for confirmation on its return. We’ll update when we hear more.

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