She-Hulk Cradles Her Tinder Date Like a Baby in the Show’s First Trailer

She-Hulk Cradles Her Tinder Date Like a Baby in the Show’s First Trailer
She Hulk. Image: Marvel
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Ladies and gentlemen, during the early hours of the morning, we were blessed with a trailer for the upcoming She Hulk Marvel show on Disney+.

I’ve been waiting quite a while for this show to come out, along with the upcoming Ms. Marvel, so to say I’m excited is an understatement – and the trailer does not disappoint at all.

She-Hulk trailer

Alright, let’s not tease it out any longer. Here’s the trailer for She-Hulk on Disney+.

In the trailer, we got to see a whole heap of what the show is about, including main plot points. We also got to see She-Hulk cradling her Tinder date like a baby, which was absolutely hilarious.

The official trailer included plenty of clips that we saw earlier on in the Disney+ Day teaser trailer, but it’s nice to have those earlier clips fleshed out with more information. The logo that appeared in the original teaser trailer has changed since then, too.


Here’s our breakdown.

She-Hulk poster

While we’re hyping it up, check out this poster Marvel released of She-Hulk.

she hulk
Image: Marvel

What’s She-Hulk about?

From what we can gather from the She-Hulk trailer, a new superhuman law division has been set up, and Jennifer Walters (the lawyer who becomes She-Hulk) is set to be in charge of it.

This law division seems to lean in a bit on the Superhuman Registration Act, a focal point of the Marvel comics that led to the Civil War arc, where superhumans and superheroes would need to register themselves or be labelled as vigilantes . Movie-viewers can pick up on this by watching Captain America: Civil War.

What makes things even more interesting is that Walters is the cousin of Bruce Banner (The Hulk), and, for whatever reason, adopts his powers. Not the fully angry-guy powers like the classic Hulk we know from the self-titled movies, The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Thor: Ragnarok, but the loveable himbo Hulk that appears in Avengers: Endgame.

In the comics, and likely in the show, Jennifer Walters inherits Banner’s gamma-radiation transformation powers after a blood transfusion. From the trailer, it appears that Hulk is back as “Hulk-Banner”, which is a bit like how Walters handles her powers, giving her the ability to speak and act like a normal human without completely raging out.

she hulk
Jen Bartel covers of She Hulk. Image: Marvel

Anyway, a big crux of the show is that it’ll be a comedy-oriented superhero flick, a bit like parts from Thor: Ragnarok. Much of it appears to be She-Hulk dealing with her new powers while also balancing them with being a lawyer.

As far as bad guys go, we know that Titania will likely be the main villain, along with Abomination. Titania is an antagonist to She-Hulk in the comics, whereas Abomination is a villain to Hulk (He actually previously appeared in The Incredible Hulk and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings). Of course we don’t know their motives just yet.

She-Hulk cast

Tatiana Maslany, aka She Hulk, will be played by Tatiana Maslany with Mark Ruffallo playing Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk. Jameela Jamil will play Titania and Tim Roth will play Abomination.

Additionally, Ginger Gonzaga, Josh Segarra, Renée Elise Goldsberry and Nicholas Cirillo will appear in the show.

The show will be directed by Kat Coiro, who will also be an executive producer.

She-Hulk release date

She-Hulk will be streaming exclusively on Disney+ from August 17 and will run for 10 episodes.

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