In Rubikon, Astronauts Are Suddenly Tasked With the Fate of the World

In Rubikon, Astronauts Are Suddenly Tasked With the Fate of the World
A still from the upcoming sci-fi film Rubikon, which is out July 1. (Image: IFC Films)

If the world ever ends, the place to be is space. In space, the problems of the Earth don’t exist. There’s just a whole other set of problems. But maybe, just maybe, there are some solutions too. That’s the set up for Rubikon, a new sci-film coming to theatres and on-demand July 1.

Co-written and directed by Leni Lauritsch, it follows a team of astronauts living on the titular space station when the world ostensibly ends due to a major environmental event. However, the astronauts realise they might have something on board that can save any remaining survivors. The question becomes, do they risk their lives for it? Find out more in the trailer for Rubikon, which Gizmodo is excited to exclusively debut.

Rubikon looks like it’s got all the traits of a solid space film. You’ve got your crisis that needs to be solved, your moral dilemmas, characters losing their minds, and lots of interpersonal conflict, all of which is happening in zero gravity. Whether or not it all works, we’ll have to wait and see. But the trailer is certainly solid.

Here’s official description of Rubikon which, again, is out everywhere July 1.

2056. A toxic cloud of pollution has swallowed the earth, killing untold numbers. The world’s nations have dissolved, with all power now in the hands of giant corporations. The rich retreat to sealed biodomes while the poor choke and starve. On the space station Rubikon, Hannah (Julia Franz Richter), Gavin (George Blagden), and Dimitri(Mark Ivanir) weigh the fate of the planet’s survivors. Should these crewmembers risk their own lives on a rescue mission to the surface, or ignore the old world to build a new one of safety and solitude, living off the station’s sophisticated algae symbiosis system? Against the vast canvas of the cosmos, three people with different worldviews debate their moral responsibility to the species, all while grappling with the timely agony of isolation.

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