Yoda Is Here to Guide You Through Meditation and Relax You Will

Yoda Is Here to Guide You Through Meditation and Relax You Will
Image: Lucasfilm

Have you ever wanted to relax alongside the soothing* sound of Chewbacca breathing into your ear? If so, you’re in luck, because Headspace now has Star Wars themed ‘mindful meditations’, including a Wookie breathing lesson directly from the planet Kashyyyk.

Mindfulness and meditation app Headspace will tomorrow go live with a slew of Star Wars themed exercises for sleep and relaxation, in celebration, of course, of May the 4th.

In addition to Chewbacca, breathing exercises, Yoda will provide.

“Find your focus with each inhale, Yoda’s eyes close and his hand stretches out as we see the X-wing levitate, and with each exhale, lower back into the swamp. Connect with your breath as Yoda connects to the Force,” Headspace says.

The Lucasfilm collaboration will also feature a ‘recharge and reset’ one-minute breathe exercise with R2-D2 and another with BB-8 focused more on ‘restoring calm in chaos’. In addition to breathing exercises, the Headspace app will also feature a handful of Star Wars themed ‘sleepcasts’ (audio-guided sleep stories) that will mentally transport you to some of the most iconic locations in the Star Wars galaxy.

The first sleepcast will send you into the X-wing on a tour of the Star Wars galaxy, with each chapter focusing on a different planet. Another will immerse you into the Tatooine Sunset to explore the desert planet and you can also tour the very first Jedi Temple on Arch-To. They each go for about 45 minutes.

Jokes and gimmicks aside, the last two-something years have been insane and May the 4th is as good a time as any to focus on yourself. A Headspace subscription doesn’t come cheap, however. It will set you back $19.99 per month, $9.99 per month if you’re a student, $137.99 per year for a family/six users plan or $91.99 annually (works out to be $7.67 per month and renews automatically). New members can nab a 30-day free trial via Headspace.com/StarWars. If re-watching the movies is more your thing, here’s the best way to watch them (no further questions will be taken).

I just want to fall asleep being read a bedtime story by Yoda, not gonna lie.