Score Huge Savings (And Save the Planet) With Ebay’s Refurbished Tech Deals

Score Huge Savings (And Save the Planet) With Ebay’s Refurbished Tech Deals
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Before any of you start shouting, “No, I don’t buy secondhand” or “I prefer things straight out of the box”, let’s stop for a moment and talk about the green benefits of shopping pre-loved goods. While we all love things that are shiny and brand new, our budgets don’t always allow a lot of wiggle room for them. That’s basically where eBay’s Certified Refurbished program enters the fold.

The main benefits of using refurbished tech stem from a desire to prevent more junk ending up in landfills and giving customers a chance to enjoy refreshed products for up to 50% off its usual retail price. It’s ultimately the more sustainable way to access new tech, without making a substantial dent in your bank account.

Think about all of the new phones you’ve picked up over the last few years. Are you the type who has to upgrade to the latest iPhone every year? If you are, there’s a lot of value in handing your pre-loved smartphone back to its seller or manufacturer, so they can restore it to its former near-new condition and allow someone else to enjoy its full lifetime value.

What is eBay Refurbished and is it legit?

If you’ve ever shopped on eBay, you might have noticed that some products sport a little blue badge that marks an item as “refurbished“.

That blue badge is part of eBay’s Certified Refurbished initiative, which is a new program that allows an exclusive group of sellers to officially list an item under eBay’s “certified refurbished” badge, which includes big brands such as Dell, Nikon, Apple and more.

What does this mean? Well, while many of us might automatically assume that the word “refurbished” is just a more attractive way of describing second-hand products — there’s actually a few caveats that set it aside from the “used” definition.

You see, in order for an item to be listed as Certified Refurbished, the seller must enter into an agreement with eBay that the products they include in the program meet three strict criteria. The product must:

  1. Be in like-new condition
  2. Be inspected, cleaned and refurbished by a manufacturer or manufacturer-approved vendor
  3. Be in new packaging with original or new accessories

If you ask us, that all sounds pretty good. Sure, it’s not 100% fresh off the shelf but if you’re keen to save a few hundred dollars off a product’s RRP, and you’ll know it’s much more legitimate than that random guy from a Facebook buy and sell group promising he used his vacuum cleaner once or twice while it has a couple of scratches on it.

As well as meeting those conditions set out above, eBay also requires sellers in the program to include free standard shipping, an express delivery option, 30-day paid seller returns and a minimum warranty of 12 months. What more could you want for some peace of mind?

The best eBay Refurbished tech deals


MSI laptops are a great eBay certified refurbished item
Image: MSI

A good laptop is expensive. There’s no doubt about that. While there are certainly budget-friendly options for $400 or less, you’ll likely find that its processing speed isn’t as fast as higher-end models. Or perhaps your new laptop won’t be able to support big jobs such as video editing or your gaming addiction like one in the $2,000 range will.

That’s the beauty of buying a laptop from eBay’s certified refurbished range. Take this MSI Sword 15 for instance. For as low as $1,249, you’ll be able to enjoy the prowess of an i7 processor and stellar graphics from its NVIDIA GeForce RTX series processing unit.

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Score Huge Savings (And Save the Planet) With Ebay’s Refurbished Tech Deals
Image: MSI

When you need a second screen, it’s imperative that you choose one with a refresh rate that can match your high-end gaming laptop. Any monitor from MSI or Dell’s gaming laptop range will do nicely, but look to the MSI Optix with a curved display if you want to enjoy an immersive experience that reduces eye strain and exposure to blue light.

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Vacuum cleaners

Score Huge Savings (And Save the Planet) With Ebay’s Refurbished Tech Deals

We all need a vacuum cleaner that sucks and big brands like ECOVACS, Samsung and LG are all popular for providing more than adequate suction and convenience.

For a stick vacuum that can fit more and maintain its battery life as you sweep through your home, the LG CordZero A9 is the perfect choice. It comes with a large variety of attachments that will let you access even the hardest to reach crevices, and it features a handy compression lever that allows you to back up those dust bunnies inside its storage compartment so you can squeeze more in before you have to empty it.

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Nikon cameras are another eBay certified refurbished to take advantage of
Image: Nikon

Whether you prefer a mirrorless or DSLR camera, eBay’s certified refurbished range will have you spoiled for choice. The best part is that eBay hosts a plethora of Nikon cameras to choose from, so you can grab something from one of the leading photography brands without breaking the bank.

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