This Is the Cheapest Electric Car in Australia Right Now

This Is the Cheapest Electric Car in Australia Right Now
Image: MG

You might be tempted by EV’s, the promise of a fossil-fuel-free future and a much quieter driving experience. But what’s the cheapest electric car you can get in Australia?

I’m sorry to say it’s still not a cheap vehicle, but at least it’s more affordable than electric cars once were. We’ll be going into all the things you need to know about cheap electric cars in Australia.

This list is subject to change over time as more electric vehicles are introduced to the Australian market. Right now, this is the most accurate information we have, going off new vehicle prices.

What is the cheapest electric car in Australia?

The cheapest electric car in Australia is the MG ZS EV, which starts at about $44,990. The MG ZS EV is an SUV, capable of up to 263 kilometres before it’ll need a recharge. It uses CCS and Type 2 ports.

At the moment, MG is gearing up to replace the standard MG ZS EV with the upgraded MG ZS EV Excite and the MG ZS EV Essence. These cars feature increased range and higher price tags ($46,990 and $49,990 respectively).

What is the cheapest Tesla in Australia?

Right now, the cheapest Tesla in Australia is the Tesla Model 3, which costs $63,900. This is cheaper than most other electric cars in Australia at the moment, however it’s still pretty expensive.

Believe it or not, it’s actually cheaper to buy a new model Tesla in Australia right now than to buy a secondhand one. That’s due to supply constraints — because of international shipping issues, you’ll be waiting quite sometime before your new Tesla arrives, whereas a secondhand Tesla can be purchased and driven much sooner. Tesla prices have actually gone up due to supply constraints.

What are some other cheap electric cars in Australia?

Right now, options are still quite limited, but there are a few pretty decent cheap electric vehicles to choose from in Australia.

The Nissan Leaf is an electric car worth considering and is a popular pick at its price point ($53,190). After the Leaf, the Hyundai Kona Electric Elite is the next most affordable electric car at $57,419.

Should I buy a secondhand electric car?

You can expect the price to be a bit lower with a secondhand electric car, however be on guard for depreciated parts of the car (including the lithium battery). Like with petrol cars, the older the vehicle, the lower the cost.

Will electric vehicles be more affordable in the future?

The price of electric vehicles will drop as time goes on, with the introduction of cheap new electric cars. For now, as the technology is quite new, the price is a bit high. It won’t stay like that forever though, especially with some manufacturers committing to all-electric vehicles in the future.

This article has been updated since it was first published.