Become a Vinyl Snob While This Wireless Yamaha Turntable Is $200 Off

Become a Vinyl Snob While This Wireless Yamaha Turntable Is $200 Off
Image: Yamaha
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Whether you’re a seasoned vinyl collecter or fresh to the obsession, today’s a great day to upgrade your turntable set-up. Yamaha’s highly-rated MusicCast Vinyl 500 turntable is currently on sale for $799. The price tag is usually $999, so you’ll be able to nab yourself a nifty $200 off while stocks last.

It comes fitted with a static balanced straight tonearm and a belt-drive turntable with a 33 1/3 rpm and 45 rpm DC motor. The MusicCast 500 is built for beautiful resonance, supreme clarity, and openness in sound, no matter what album you’re listening to.

This Yamaha record player can wirelessly connect to any MusiCast device for a seamless listening experience and comes with built-in music streaming services if your collection lacks certain material. You can also pair it with voice-activated smart home devices, giving you a completely hands-free listening experience.

If you don’t own a MusiCast device, this record player can be hooked up to any other Bluetooth speaker. It comes with a built-in phono pre-amp, so you can plug it directly into your speakers if you’re taking the analogue route.

Yamaha TT-N503 MusicCast Vinyl 500 Turntable
Image: Yamaha

Whether you’re hell-bent on hearing every single one of Elliot Smith’s gorgeous yet subtle whelps on your test press copy of Either/Or while having your Saturday morning coffee, or just want to have a few tunes spinning while you WFH, it’s the perfect Bluetooth record player to fit out the entertainment area in any home. If you take good care of it, you’ll get plenty of spins from it for years to come.

If you’re looking to make the whole vinyl thing your personality, for the time being, read up on our guide about how to take proper care of your record player. They can be tricky beasts to master, and considering how expensive vinyl collecting can be, ensuring everything is working right will minimise the risk of damaged or scratched records.

No one wants to hear The Dark Side Of The Moon skipping halfway through ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’ it’d be a crime against music.

You can pick up the Yamaha MusicCast 500 turntable for $799, and save yourself $200, here.

Become a Vinyl Snob While This Wireless Yamaha Turntable Is $200 Off
Image: Yamaha

If $800 is a bit out of your budget, you can also snag a discount on the Yamaha TT-S303 record player. Usually $649, this belt-driven turntable is currently on sale for $589 and is a paired back version of the MusicCast 500.

While it doesn’t offer any wireless connectivity, this Yamaha record player features a built-in pre-amp, a static balanced straight tonearm and a cabinet designed to reduce unnecessary vibration while playing your favourite vinyl. As far as mid-range record players go, it’s a solid option – especially if it’s your first.

The Yamaha TT-S303 record player is available on sale here.

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