Sweet Streams Are Made Of These 6 Webcams

Sweet Streams Are Made Of These 6 Webcams
Image: Sam Rutherford/Gizmodo
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If you’ve finally reached your limits with your laptop’s fuzzy built-in camera or you’re looking to take the leap into live-streaming, then it’s high time you bought yourself an external webcam.

Whether you’re adding it to your home office setup or need something to capture video while on Twitch, an external webcam can instantly give you a boost in video quality that’ll make you appear more professional, no matter what you’re doing.

Here are a few of our picks for the best webcam options in Australia. Just make sure you don’t accidentally leave it recording for a few days straight.

Logitech C270

logitech c270 webcam
Image: Logitech

When it comes to webcams, Logitech is probably the most reliable brand in that space, and the C270 lives up to that quality, even at its budget price. The only drawback to the C270 is that its maximum resolution is 720p, but that’s the price you pay for a budget option.

Picking up this webcam depends on what you plan to use it for. If you just need a webcam you can attach to the top of your monitor so you can take work calls, this will do the job. However, if you’re looking to start streaming, you’ll want to invest in a webcam with a higher video quality.

Where to buy the Logitech C270 webcam

Amazon Australia ($40.70) | eBay ($35.99) | Kogan ($23.99)

Razer Kiyo

razer kiyo ring light webcam
Image: Razer

Do you need a webcam and suffer from poor lighting? The Razer Kiyo webcam could be what you’re looking for with its built-in LED ring light and adjustable brightness setting. In terms of video quality, this compact webcam will let you stream video at 720p at 60fps and 1080p at 30fps, making it a solid option for both office use and professional streaming.

While the Kiyo’s LED ring light will help improve your lighting situation, it’s more complimentary than a single solution. You’ll need another light source in the room, but the Kiyo will at least make sure your face is properly lit the entire time.

If you can pick it up for under $100, the Kiyo is a solid budget option.

Where to buy the Razer Kiyo webcam

Amazon Australia ($88) | Bing Lee ($149) | Mwave ($139)

Logitech C922 Pro Stream

home office
Image: Logitech

The Logitech C922 is a pretty popular webcam in the realm of live-streamers, and if you can’t trust people who spend every waking hour in front of a camera as a judge of its quality, then who can you trust? It’s as reliable as they come, with some fantastic bang for your buck.

The Logitech C922 is easy to set up and, in terms of video quality, the C922 will let you stream video at full HD 1080p at 30fps and 720p at 60fps. The C922 includes an automatic low-light adjustment feature that’ll help make sure your video will remain clear even in dim lighting conditions. It also comes with a built-in microphone and an attachable tripod, if you’re not keen on attaching it to the top of your monitor or laptop screen.

Where to buy the Logitech C922 webcam

Amazon Australia ($117.72) | Bing Lee ($179) | The Good Guys ($199)

Razer Kiyo Pro

Razer Kiyo Pro webcam
Image: Razer

Unlike the previously mentioned Razer Kiyo, the Pro model doesn’t include an in-built ring light. However, the Kiyo Pro includes an adaptive 1/2.8-inch ultra-sensitive CMOS Sony Starvis sensor, which will help you maintain image clarity in low-light conditions.

When it comes to streaming, this webcam can capture video up to 1080p at 60 fps, or a sharp 1080p at 30fps when HDR enable. It also includes an in-built microphone and three adjustable fields of view – 80-degrees, 90-degrees and 103-degrees – making it a good option if you need to swap between broadcasting just yourself or with a few team members in-frame. You can check out Gizmodo’s first impressions of the Razer Kiyo Pro webcam here.

Where to buy the Razer Kiyo Pro webcam

Amazon Australia ($169.99) | eBay ($175.20) | Razer ($164.95)

Anker PowerConf C300

Sweet Streams Are Made Of These 6 Webcams
Image: Anker

Anker is a brand that’s better known for its range of computer accessories, along with portable and wireless chargers, but over the past few years, it’s been making its mark with a range of affordable office tech. Anker’s PowerConf C300 is a solid, no-frills webcam that can capture video at 1080p at 60fps.

The PowerConf C300 comes with a few handy video features, like automatic low-light adjustment, face tracking and an adjustable field of view. It also comes with two built-in microphones and an Active Noise Cancellation feature, which will help pick up your voice while drowning out any surrounding ambient noise.

This webcam also includes an ever-important privacy cover, which you can slide back and forth to your heart’s content. You can check out Gizmodo’s first impressions of the Anker PowerConf C300 webcam here.

Where to buy the Anker PowerConf C300 webcam

Amazon Australia ($199.99)

Logitech BRIO

logitech brio webcam
Image: Logitech

What’s that? Do you want to stream video at the highest quality possible? With the ability to capture footage and take Zoom calls at full 4k Ultra HD, the Logitech BRIO is the closest your co-workers will get to seeing your face in full detail, without you being in the room with them.

The BRIO also allows you to stream in 1080p and 720p with HDR, while Logitech’s RightLight 3 will help correct the lighting in your surroundings, whether you’re dealing with low or it’s too bright. It also comes with dual noise-cancelling microphones and three adjustable fields of view settings – 65-degrees, 78-degrees and 90-degrees – so you can make sure the call stays focused on you.

Where to buy the Logitech BRIO webcam

Amazon Australia ($247.44) | Logitech ($349.95) | Mwave ($279)