The Batman Skulks Onto HBO Max Next Week

The Batman Skulks Onto HBO Max Next Week
Us after binge-watching The Batman over and over. (Screenshot: Warner Bros.)

After being rumoured for a late April release date, Warner Bros. has confirmed you’ll be able to spend three hours in the dark with Robert Pattinson and friends in the comfort of your own home — very soon.

This morning the studio confirmed that The Batman would begin streaming on HBO Max starting April 18, a day earlier than the previously reported April 19 launch. As well as streaming on the Max platform, HBO will broadcast The Batman for the first time on April 23, from 8 p.m. ET. It’s the first step in the streamer’s big plans for Gotham City, of course, with the recent announcements that Colin Farrell’s Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin would officially be getting his own series on the streamer, as well as Reeves’ fluctuating plans for a separate Gotham series on Max as well. That one started out as a potential Gotham PD-focused series, announced a few years ago, but the director recently suggested the idea has pivoted to a series revolving around Arkham Asylum, the psychiatric facility “home” to many of Batman’s rogues’ gallery… and perhaps a certain clown prince of crime.

It’s a chance to either see it if you didn’t want to go spend The Batman’s epic-lengthed (but mostly worth it) runtime in a theatre, pandemic or otherwise, or revisit key moments with the comfort of just being able to skip right to them instead of paying up for another round. Or, you know, just watch the damn thing over and over again. It’s your home, do what you want! That’s the whole point of it.

What moment from The Batman are you excited to revisit when it comes to streaming? Personally, I can’t wait to just skip to the Batmobile chase and hear that incredible shriek of that engine again.