Meet Alice, the Camper That Was an Ambulance in a Former Life

Meet Alice, the Camper That Was an Ambulance in a Former Life
Image: Camplify

Every now and then, something cute, quirky and darn cool comes across the Gizmodo Australia inbox. Today, that is Alice.

Alice is a camper. But she wasn’t always. In a former life, Alice was an ambulance.

Here’s her Camplify listing:

Alice the ex-ambulance is just that and she shows off some memories from her past working life, such as stickers and a very handy rail for hanging stuff! Alice has heaps of storage for all your gear and a comfy mattress for a great night’s sleep.

We don’t know too much about Alice, but we know she runs on diesel, boasts two awnings (one on either side), solar panels and that she lives in Perth.

She’s a 2004 Mercedes Sprinter, measuring around 19 feet. While Alice the ex-ambulance is unsuspecting from the outside, you can still see the paramedic trim around the inside.

Alice camper
Image: Camplify

You can hire Alice for a few nights if you live in Perth, through camper rental site Camplify. In case you’ve not heard of Camplify, it’s a caravan/camper/RV/ motorhome sharing platform – think of it as Airbnb but mobile.

According to Camplify:

We’re safely connecting holidaymakers with thousands of unique neighbourhood vans that are available to hire for their next outdoor adventure. Explore some of our featured campervans, motorhomes and caravans available for hire.

Alice the ex-ambulance will set you back around $105 per day (if you can grab a booking), but there’s thousands more on Camplify to choose from. They range from quirky renovations like Alice to campers with cool names such as Vanona Ryder, The Tardis, Vincent Van Go, Van Diesel, The Pineapple Express (sorry, only the inside is yellow), Dora The Explorer, Optimus Prime Camper, Henry The Hiace (we love alliteration), the aptly named DAY FOR IT and naturally, Vanny McVanface. You can also hire Bruce.

Camplify was founded and built in Newcastle, NSW. CEO and founder Justin Hales says the idea for Camplify first came when wanted to revisit his childhood love of caravanning but couldn’t find something to hire, despite a tonne of un-used caravans and campers sitting on driveways around his neighbourhood.

Anyway, Alice the ex-ambulance was too cute not to share (and you know we love a camper here at Gizmodo Australia).