Unofficial WandaVision Figure Makes the Face, Appears in My Nightmares

Unofficial WandaVision Figure Makes the Face, Appears in My Nightmares
Image: Ekiahobbies
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Remember in WandaVision when Wanda made that really funny, pissed off face in response to one of her kids stealing the other kids’ candy? Well, someone went and made a figure of Wanda doing that face and it looks proper creepy.

The figure features Wanda in her Halloween Scarlet Witch outfit — that is, a Halloween take on the original Scarlet Witch outfit from the comics. Later on, Wanda would get the more badass Scarlet Witch outfit, by the end of the series, but the figure makers were more interested in the Halloween take.

As creepy as it is, they kind of nailed the face, didn’t they? Like, I remember this face going viral back when the Halloween episode aired and now it has a figure. Honestly, full props to the figure makers for hopping on a viral meme a year later.

From website images, the Wanda figure is fairly life-like, though it’d be interesting to see the final product. Its body is made of rubber and fabric, moveable in most directions (which is how it achieves such dramatic pose differences on the product display). The statue also comes with extra hands, in case you want a different hand pose, and stands at a 1/6 scale.

It’s also a bit male gaze-y, with visible nipples and a far more sinched body than Wanda ever had in the show. If you browse the rest of the figures that Ekiahobbies sells, you’ll find similar figurines.

Additionally, it’s named Lady Spooktacular. Lady Spooktacular? That’s a far cry from “Scarlet Witch” or “Wanda Maximoff”. Totally understandable, considering it’s an unofficial and unlicensed figurine, but Lady Spooktacular certainly is a name, isn’t it.

Well, again, let’s have a quick gander around the store, shall we? As pointed out by @Trashfirekitten on Twitter, the store also has rip-off Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy) and Batwoman (DC) figures, which are named “Female Fighter” and “Lady Bat”.

Looking through the site myself, I’ve spotted The Punishman (The Punisher), Lady of Space and Time (Ciri from The Witcher) and Black Robot War (2B from Nier: Automata). The figurines vary in quality, with some looking terrific and some looking… not so great that I’d put on display.

Anyhow, as you were. You can watch WandaVision on Disney+.