Twitch Moves to Prohibit ‘Harmful Misinformation Actors’ From Using Its Platform

Twitch Moves to Prohibit ‘Harmful Misinformation Actors’ From Using Its Platform
Image: Twitch

Twitch is taking the banhammer to any content it deems misinformation, on Friday updating its Spam, Scams and Malicious Conduct Policy to include a clause that calls out factually inaccurate stuff as having no place on its platform.

The line from Twitch is that the amendments to the code “prohibit harmful misinformation actors” from using its service.

“We need to make one thing clear: this update will likely not impact you or the streamers you love on Twitch. Our goal is to prohibit individuals whose online presence is dedicated to spreading harmful, false information from using Twitch. We will not enforce against one-off statements containing misinformation,” it says in an update posted this morning.

In making the announcement, Twitch said that ‘harmful misinformation actors’ account for a disproportionate amount of damaging, widely debunked misinformation online. It classified these misinformation actors as those that have an online presence across any platform they use that “is dedicated to (1) persistently sharing (2) widely disproven and broadly shared (3) harmful misinformation topics, such as conspiracies that promote violence”.

Twitch said it will only take action against those harmful misinformation actors who meet all three of these criteria and that its investigations team will be conducting thorough reviews into each case (including on users’ presence off-Twitch).

You can report these actors by sending an email to with the account name and any available supporting evidence, if you want.