The Batman: Deciphering That Post-Credits Scene

The Batman: Deciphering That Post-Credits Scene
Image: Jonathan Olley/ DC Comics

After years of waiting, Matt Reeves’ dark and gritty reboot of The Batman has finally hit screens. For those heading out to see the 3-hour extravaganza this week, you may be wondering if The Batman follows in the comic book movie tradition of having a post-credits scene? We’re here to answer that question.

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for The Batman’s post-credits scene.

Is there a post-credits scene at the end of The Batman?

post credits scene in The Batman
Is there a post credits scene in The Batman?Credit: DC

Having seen The Batman we can confirm that yes – there is a very small tease at the end of the film.

There is no mid-credits scene, so feel free to duck to the bathroom if you’ve been holding on for 2.5 hours. The post-credits sting appears right at the end, after all the credits have rolled.

The scene shows a > user typing the words ‘Good Bye’, in an identical fashion to how the Riddler communicated with Batman earlier in the film.

Following that, a jumbled message of green text appears and disappears on-screen.

For viewers quick enough to catch it, the text in the The Batman‘s post credits scene spells out a URL address that you can visit.

What does the scene mean?

the batman post-credits
The Batman post credits scene. Screenshot: Bros

The URL that appears after the credits roll is, a tie-in website for The Batman. After seeing the film, audiences will be well aware that this URL is actually used as one of the Riddler’s clues within the movie.

If you visit the site you’ll be asked to answer three riddles.

The website has been floating around since before the film’s release so plenty of internet masterminds have posted the answers on Reddit threads if you’re stuck on a clue. But be aware if you go googling for the answer, the Riddler will know about it.

Once answered correctly, you’ll be able to claim a reward in the form of an image or video downloaded as a zip file. A lot of these are tied into clues given in The Batman.

After solving all three riddles you won’t be able to do anymore, but the Riddler says to look for his return so it’s likely this website will continue to evolve post The Batman’s release.

If you’re looking for clues to help you read the Riddler’s cypher, plenty of people have been working on cracking that one since the film’s first trailer.

We’ll keep you posted if these riddles lead to any clues about the future of The Batman.

You can see the film in theatres as of March 3 and read our review of The Batman here.