A Few Major Switch Games Are Surprisingly Under $50 Right Now

A Few Major Switch Games Are Surprisingly Under $50 Right Now
Image: Nintendo
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If you’re a long-time Nintendo fan, you probably know how rare big discounts for the brand’s major titles can be. Most big deals for Switch games are usually reserved for third-party titles or massive sale events like Black Friday. However, over the path month, we’ve seen some surprising sales, which included the recent Pokémon games for as low as $48.

This recent run of surprisingly high discounts is still going strong, as a few major Nintendo Switch releases are currently on sale for under $50. These deals include evergreen fairly recent titles like Metroid Dread, WarioWare Get It Together and Mario Golf: Super Rush.

There are some great Nintendo Switch game deals available right now, and we’ve rounded up all of them for you here.

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The best Nintendo Switch game deals under $50

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Image: Nintendo

Have you just finished yet another replay of Breath of the Wild and are looking for something new to play?  If you’re looking to bulk up your game library, here are a few Nintendo Switch games that are currently on sale:

Other Nintendo Switch deals

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If none of those games tickles your fancy, they aren’t the only Switch deals that are currently available. If you’re looking to pick up a new controller, be it to replace your drifting Joy-Cons or to just have a second one on hand, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is currently selling it for $79 via Amazon Australia, down from $99.95.

One of the best deals that you can currently pick up for your Nintendo Switch is this 256GB Samsung EVO Plus Micro SD that’s currently on sale for $46.09, down from $89.95. We’ve written about the importance of increasing your Switch’s internal storage capacity before, and being able to boost it from 32GB or 64GB up to 256GB for under $50 is still a great deal.