Save the Universe (And $330) With This Head Massager Helmet That’s on Sale

Save the Universe (And $330) With This Head Massager Helmet That’s on Sale
Image: Breo
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Is it an astronaut helmet, or a mind-control device? As it turns out, this futuristic-looking gadget is a multi-use head massager by Breo that just so happens to be on sale for a whopping $330 off — but only for a limited time.

Let’s face it, we all fancy a head massage. There’s nothing more soothing than feeling fingers comb through your hair, gently working at your scalp. Whether it’s to alleviate stress, a migraine or because it feels so damn good, we’re certainly not one to turn down a head massage. While we’d all love to fork out the big bucks to pay a professional to give our heads a good rub, it can become costly for both our time and our wallet.

That’s why the Breo iDream5s head massage helmet is a worthy investment. While it does come at a steep cost of $849.99, you can currently swipe one on sale for $519.99 through Amazon Australia. Considering that the average cost of a head massage can sit at around $30 per session, over time it can get awfully expensive, especially when you have the option to do it from the comfort of your own home.

But be quick, because this discount ends midnight, March 11.

What does the Breo head massaging helmet do?

Breo iDream5S head massaging helmet
Image: Breo

First of all, you’ve got to admit it looks a lot cooler and is more complex than those $10 head scratchers you can pick up from your local pharmacy. You know those ones with the wire octopus legs that will accidentally poke you in the eye eventually? It also one-ups those scalp therapy brushes that mess up your hair so much that you’ll have to run a comb through it afterwards.

While both of those options are significantly cheaper than this head massage helmet, both will make your arm ache from holding it up for so long. The Breo iDream5s simply goes over your head, and you can alter the head strap using its adjusting button to fit around your melon. The eye goggles it comes with provide relief from light, which is especially desirable when you’re suffering from a post-work migraine and you just need to block out any brightness. But you can remove the eye goggles, if you prefer to unwind while watching a movie or while reading a book.

This massager will give you a 360-degree full head massage on your scalp, forehead, temples and back of your head.

You can connect it to your smartphone via the Breo app, so you can customise your massage experience. The app will allow you to change the pressure intensity from a scale of 0 to 100% to suit your needs or comfort. You can even select targeted areas to adjust its pressure, add heat and extend its time duration, to ensure all of your worries melt away after use. You can also use the app to play relaxing music during your session.

While most electronic massagers can feel rough and uncomfortable, you know you’re in for as close to a human massage appointment as possible, thanks to the iDream5s’ use of air pressure to simulate finger-like kneading to your head and eye area acupoints.

Plus, if you purchase this Breo massaging helmet, you’ll be able to save 10% on another Breo product, like this shoulder massager or foot massager that are also on sale.

Shop the Breo iDream5s head massager helmet from Amazon Australia here.