Here Are 8 Tech Accessories to Make Your Old Car Feel Cutting-Edge

Here Are 8 Tech Accessories to Make Your Old Car Feel Cutting-Edge
Image: iStock/svetikd
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While most new cars these days come with Bluetooth, a reversing camera and a built-in GPS, if you’re riding in anything pre-2010, you’re probably quite envious and a bit out of the loop. While it’s nice to have all of those car gadgets pre-installed, it turns out you don’t need to buy a brand new car to enjoy them as well.

If you want to make your ride feel less like a musty old Corolla and more like a shiny new Mazda, here’s all of the must-have accessories you need that will bring your car to the 21st century.

What car accessories do you need?

A Bluetooth car adapter

Bluetooth car adapter transmitter
Image: Lencent

Bluetooth is a total game changer when it comes to wirelessly pairing your device in a jiffy. We use it to connect our phones to TVs, headphones, gaming consoles, and even our cars.

If you’re driving an older car, it’s likely you don’t have that luxury. Or, for whatever reason, you have to rely on plugging your phone into one of its USB sockets.

Of course, if your phone’s USB charging port is acting a bit dodgy, you might want to consider getting this Bluetooth transmitter as one of your next car accessories.

This Bluetooth car adapter by Lencent is handy because it doubles as a dual USB charger and music player. You can use it with a TF card or USB drive, or let it read you instructions when Google Maps is connected. It even allows you to take calls with its built-in call button, featuring a high sensitivity microphone and CVC noise cancellation.

Just plug this Bluetooth car adapter into your cigarette lighter socket (because who uses that these days anyway?) and off you go.

Shop the Lencent Bluetooth car adapter here for $21.99. You can also roll with this Bluetooth transmitter for $18.99.

Overhead display

Here Are 8 Tech Accessories to Make Your Old Car Feel Cutting-Edge
Image: Kogan

If you want your car to feel like a higher-end model, then you might want to try an overhead display. Overhead displays are used to display your speed limit above your steering wheel. Rather than taking your gaze off the road to to check your speed, this heads up display by Kogan will make it easier for you to keep your eyes on the road.

It’s especially handy when you’re coasting close to a speed camera, because you don’t need to fret whether you were two or more kilometres over. Because the number on the display is digitalised, you’ll always know the precise speed you’re travelling at.

You can grab this heads up display here for $49.99, down from $79.99.

Reversing camera

The Auto-Vox CS-2 reversing camera
Image: Auto-Vox

The invention of a reversing camera is literally a gift from the parking gods. Kudos to those of you who learned to reverse park without a camera, because it’s a true skill.

This Auto-Vox CS-2 reversing camera is easy to install and offers a crisp and stable view of whatever’s behind your vehicle. It even happens to be waterproof and sports a bright and clear night vision mode. It works through a point-to-point digital signal transmission, which is ideal for avoiding any kind of interference.

You can grab one here for $159.99.

Dash cam

Image: Rove

It’s likely that over your lifetime you’ll witness a nasty car accident or two. It might even happen to you, but let’s touch wood for now and pray that it doesn’t. Still, you can never be too careful while driving and even if you’re the most responsible driver, there are plenty of terrible ones on the road.

For your safety (and potential insurance claim), having a dash cam is one of those car accessories that will give you both peace of mind and hard evidence if you ever need to make a case.

This dash cam by Rove offers 4K ultra-HD resolution and night vision for a super clear recording. It even sports built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can view and manage your recordings instantly on your smartphone. This dash cam also happens to support GPS-tracking, so you’ll always have an accurate indication of your speed limit and location, without looking down.

You can pick up the Rove dash cam here for $204.68.

Car phone mount

Car air vent phone mount

If your car doesn’t sport a fancy built-in GPS system, then navigating on a road trip or through a new city can be extremely difficult (and dangerous) when you have to look down at your lap to see where you’re headed.

Rather than dropping $150 or more on a GPS, just grab a car phone mount for $22.99. Considering that your smartphone probably cost you about a grand, we don’t see why you’d want to spend any more than what you need. This car phone mount attaches to your air vent and is compatible with a range of phones, including the new iPhone 13.

Shop the UGREEN car air vent phone mount here. Or you can grab this magnetic one here for $13.90.

The Echo Auto

Here Are 8 Tech Accessories to Make Your Old Car Feel Cutting-Edge
Image: Amazon

Do you ever wish that you could tell Alexa to add milk to your grocery shopping list while you’re in the car? Or maybe it would be easier for you to choose what song you want to play from your Spotify playlist by using your voice?

That’s where the Echo Auto comes in as another of these must-have car accessories. If you bring Alexa with you wherever you go, you can install the Echo Auto in your car and connect it through your phone app via auxiliary connection or Bluetooth.

Instead of fumbling with the radio dial, you can call out to your favourite voice assistant and stream your favourite music or radio stations. Alexa can even check the news, the weather and tick off your to-do list without you needing to take your eyes off the road.

Shop the Echo Auto here for $79.

Car vacuum cleaner

Car vacuum cleaner
Image: ThisWorx For

If you’re a driver who’s guilty of bringing back half of the beach with you in your car, or perhaps you’re just a parent with a messy toddler, it’s handy to keep a lightweight vacuum cleaner in the trunk of your car any time you need to suck up some sand or cookie crumbs.

There’s nothing we hate more than having to lug the industrial-sized one at home into the garage and detangle its cables. It’s even a good idea if you need to clean up your van while on a road trip, or before you pick up your hot date.

This portable vacuum cleaner for your car comes with a built-in LED light so you can see between all those dark crevices where a hot chip or two is lurking. It also comes with a couple of all-purpose nozzles that are the right size to slide into your car’s side pockets.

You can grab our top car vacuum cleaner pick here for $64.95 (down from $112.07).

Universal car headrest mount holder

Here Are 8 Tech Accessories to Make Your Old Car Feel Cutting-Edge
Image: TFY

So what if Tesla owners can stream Game of Thrones in their car? You can do that too, or at least your backseat passengers can.

With a headrest tablet mount, your friends or young children can enjoy a movie in the backseat while on a weekend road trip. If you travel with someone who gets car sick easily, a headrest mount is good for keeping their eyes up, which helps them stand a better chance of dodging motion sickness.

You can shop this universal headrest mount here for just $27.