Diet Telstra Is Doing Two Months for the Price of One on Mobile Plans

Diet Telstra Is Doing Two Months for the Price of One on Mobile Plans
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Telstra’s budget brand Belong – affectionately known around here as Diet Telstra – is currently offering new customers two months of service for the price of one on its mobile plans. If you sign up before March 31 to any Belong SIM-only mobile plan, you’ll get your second month free.

Here’s Belong’s range of SIM-only mobile plans:

Belong mobile plans tend to represent pretty good value for the Telstra network, starting at $25 per month for 20GB. For comparison, Telstra’s cheapest prepaid recharge gets you 10GB for $30, and its cheapest standard plan is a $55 for 40GB affair. Here is Telstra’s SIM-only plan range for comparison:

In addition, Belong plans include data rollover and data gifting. You can keep any unused data at the end of your billing month, and if you manage to build up a large enough stash, you can even drop down to a more affordable plan while you burn through it. You can also gift spare data to any other customer on Belong, in 1GB increments.

Belong mobile plans don’t include international calls out of the box, but you can add on a pack for an extra $5 per month. At time of writing, your money gets you unlimited standard international talk and text to 30 destinations.

If you go over your allowance on a Belong mobile plan, you’ll be capped to speeds of 64kbps for the remainder of your billing month. That’s roughly dial up speeds, and pretty unusable. You can, however, purchase a 5GB top-up for $10. Considering the standard rate tends to be $10 for 1GB, that’s not bad.

There is however one catch when it comes to Belong. Belong is powered by the Telstra wholesale network, as opposed to the full Telstra network. Telstra’s 3G and 4G network reaches 99.5 per cent of the population, while its wholesale network reaches 98.8 per cent. This means Belong – and most other Telstra-powered providers – miss out on a little bit of regional and rural coverage. No Telstra-powered provider has 5G access yet.

Belong’s plans are contract-free so you can swap from plan to plan whenever you want, or leave entirely.

Here’s a look how Belong’s 40GB plan compares to other providers on the Telstra network:

Pennytel has one of the cheapest plans with at least 30GB on the Telstra network. You’ll pay $19.69 for your first month, and $29.69 per month thereafter. It also includes unlimited international talk and text for 15 countries out of the box. This offer also runs until the end of the month.

Boost Mobile is up next with its $30 prepaid recharge. This gets you 40GB on your first three recharges, but your allowance drops down to 20GB on your fourth. You’ll also only pay $10 for your first recharge. Boost is the only Telstra-powered provider with access to the full Telstra 4G and 3G network, giving it a slight edge in regional and rural areas.

MATE is worth calling out with its 30GB for $30 plan. Not only does this include international calls to 15 countries, you also get a free Tidal music streaming subscription.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website.