Belong Is Finally Offering Mobile Broadband

Belong Is Finally Offering Mobile Broadband
Image: Belong

Good things come to those who wait.

I have no idea what the original context of that saying is, but I’m today using it to tell you that Belong has finally entered the mobile broadband category – or MBB, if you will.

MBB, Belong says, is an ‘on the go’ internet substitute, allowing customers to “stay connected at a competitive price point”. With that, Diet Telstra is making its debut with three ‘Data Plans’.

  • $15 per month will get you 20GB of data
  • $35 per month will get you 80GB of data
  • $70 per month will get you 500GB of data

If you’ve ever owned a smartphone in Australia, you’ll know the sort-of baseline for data you actually need to do your day-to-day stuff, but if you look at the first plan as a more tablet-focused offering, laptops for the second and for the 500GB option, it’s probably more suited to a share-house or family-type situation where you will use a tonne of data.

These are month-to-month plans with no lock-in contracts.

Belong is a little late to the mobile broadband space, perhaps it was biding its time to come out with a more affordable option to its peers.

“The way we use data is constantly evolving. Australians need fast, reliable and portable data more than ever. This demand will only increase as borders open up, and we welcome students, migrants, and tourists back to our shores. Our Data Plans are designed to fill that space for customers,” Belong CEO Jana Kotatko said, answering my question above.

We call Belong ‘Diet Telstra’ because Belong uses the Telstra network, but it doesn’t have access to the telco giant’s 5G just yet. As such, Belong’s mobile broadband plans are compatible with 3G or 4G tablets, modems and other devices that work with a SIM card.

Here’s a completely unrelated tweet Belong posted this week because we love cats.