Here Are All the Best Tech Deals for Afterpay Day 2022

Here Are All the Best Tech Deals for Afterpay Day 2022
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Afterpay Day is the first big shopping event of the year. It’s a major four-day online and in-store event where you can snag huge savings across a wide range of Australian brands and products.

While we all love a good sale, it sure is hard to scour through dozens of websites at the same time to find the perfect bargain. When it comes to the big day, thousands of shoppers around the country will be racing through store aisles and tapping away at their keyboards to snap up all the biggest deals before you do.

That’s why we plan on doing the hard yards for you and rounding up all of the best Afterpay Day sales in one place.

Here’s everything we do know about the best Afterpay Day sales.

What is Afterpay Day?

Afterpay Day is a massive shopping event that occurs twice a year. On this day, thousands of retailers offer big discounts on their products both in-store and online.

Afterpay will be inviting customers to add a $2 donation to their order for Thread Together, an organisation delivering clothes to those in need, to support Aussies in flood-affected areas. This $2 donation will be deducted from a shoppers’ first payment instalment.

This year’s sale will also see the launch of the DROPSHOP by Afterpay experience, where customers can discover limited-edition drops, exclusive collaborations and the freshest releases.

When is Afterpay Day 2022?

This year, the Afterpay Day 2022 sales will take place between Thursday, March 17 and Sunday, March 20.

What are the best Afterpay Day sales?

nintendo switch oled afterpay day sale
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What is Afterpay and how does it work?

We like to think of Afterpay as a lay-by option where you get to take your purchase straight home instead of waiting to pay it in full. It’s like a credit card, but minus the interest rates. How good, right?

Afterpay will break down your purchase into four equal instalments that you can pay fortnightly over six weeks.

Let’s say you want to buy something for $100, but you can’t afford it right now or you’re waiting for your payslip to come in, so you choose to use Afterpay instead. On the day of purchase, you’ll most likely pay $25, which counts as your first instalment. Then, in the next two weeks, you’ll pay another $25 every fortnight until your balance is completely paid off after six weeks.

Although, if you forget to pay one of your instalments, you’ll be slapped with a $10 fee and an additional $7 if the payment remains unpaid seven days past the due date. In the meantime, Afterpay will pause your account so you cannot use it until your debt is paid.

Who offers Afterpay?

About 63,000 small and large businesses offer Afterpay as a payment option. If you want to check if your favourite retailer is onboard, you can explore their payment options on their website or through the list of businesses on Afterpay’s store directory.

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